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POSRocket Signs Exclusive Deal with Geidea, Fastest Growing Payment Acquirer in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

by Geidea

A major partnership has been signed between Geidea, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest and fastest growing providers of payment systems and POSRocket – The region’s fastest growing cloud-based point of sale cashier platform. The exclusive agreement will target merchants from the food and beverage, retail and services industries and will dramatically improve how integrated payments are received for over 175,000 payments terminals spanning 50,000 merchants.
POSRocket offers core modules for sales processing, inventory management, customer engagement, advanced reporting and addons including call center and a kitchen display system; empowering merchants to manage their business and optimize their costs. Moreover, POSRocket integrates seamlessly to 3rd party services to streamline workflows and maximize revenues.
The strategic collaboration provides a seamless integration between the cash register and payments services streamlining the payment process and eliminating discrepancies. Moreover, it will play a major part of implementing the new tax mandate and unlocking doors for a myriad of financial services for SMEs in the Kingdom.
POSRocket, founder and CEO Zeid Husban stated: “Over the past few years, Geidea has proven to be the leader in payments and fintech. Their technology and vision is unquestionably harmonious with ours. Through this partnership, we are thrilled to offer an unprecedented point of sale and all-in-one payment solution to revolutionize KSA’s merchant base.”
“General Manager of Geidea Merchant Business, Laurent Dhaeyer commented that Geidea is perfectly positioned to support the KSA marketplace with the growing number of entrepreneurs and merchants, to be ready for the introduction of the new government mandate and POSRocket is an excellent partner to achieve our goals. Geidea places SME’s at the centre of our product and solution offerings and the partnership with POSRocket will further empower them to drive and develop their businesses.
Geidea offers a suite of POS solutions providing end to end payment and customer experience solutions for businesses of all sizes, supporting growth, sustainability and
operating efficiency to empower merchants while enhancing the customer offering and building loyalty.
About Geidea: Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a team of over 500 employees, Geidea is a leading Saudi fintech company providing businesses, both in private and public sectors, with the latest customized and customer-centered payment solutions. Learn more at www.geidea.net/en.
About POSRocket: POSRocket is a cloud-based point of sale platform empowering merchants operating all over the MENA & GCC to manage their business and drive their growth. POSRocket was the first to introduce an open developer platform fueling it’s growing merchant services eco-system. Learn more at www.posrocket.com .

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