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Thai GHB invited Thai Medias to Visit GRG

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

by GRG Banking Equipment

In the morning of 17th February, more than 100 Thais visited GRG Banking Head Quarter. They are from Thai Government Housing Bank (GHB) and major mass media such as Bangkok Post News and Nation TV. The guests visited GRG Banking’s showroom and testing labs located in Guangzhou Science City. The main objective of the visit is to view the strategic branch transformation solution provided by GRG Banking.

GHB and Thai Medias visited GRG Banking HQ at Guangzhou Science City

GHB under the Finance Ministry’s supervision, started its operation in 1953. It aims to provide low-interest housing loans to the public, particularly those living in the rural areas, to own homes. 

With so many home owners repaying loans, GHB needs intelligent banking solution to help improve business efficiencies. GRG’s P5800L Bulk Deposit Machine perfectly fits the bill. The P5800L is a fast processing and big capacity machine that can deposit large amount of cash with sorting and recognization functionality to detect fake notes and reject bad quality ones. GHB expressed the intention of deploying GRG self-service solution for loan repayments collections.

Instead of spending long time queuing in front of the teller service window, customers can use the P5800L self-service solution to fulfill 24/7 service at pubic areas (such as the MRT stations). This would incredibly lower bank’s operational cost yet improve customer satisfaction. “GRG provides branch transformation solution such as the P5800L that can largely improve teller efficiency and enhance service security. It will ease our pain point, boost our service quality, resulting in better customer experiences”, said Mr. Chatchai Sirilai, President of GHB.

GHB is also looking for more intelligent solution which could relieve its increasing operational cost pressure. GRG Banking introduced the concept of branch transformation and recommended Video Teller Machine (VTM).  With VTMs, customers can be remotely assisted from a remote call center. Meanwhile, VTMs enable 24/7 service with teller able to see the customer remotely and vice versa. Bank calls this process KYC (Know Your Customer).

Thai visitors were also attracted by GRG Cash Recycler H68NL. It could support biometric identification, such as fingerprint, finger-vein, and palm-vein authentication. Finger-vein solution can be an additional identification method for specific application scenarios. H68N series can reduce Cash-In-Transit (CIT) cost substantially, therefore brings down operational cost.

Chatchai Sirilai, President of Thai GHB, said, “Besides GRG’s impressive technologies and track records in helping many banks in their branch transformation programs, it was really GRG’s abilities to customize solutions for GHB that had forged the GRG and GHB cooperation”.


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