3SI Security Systems

3SI Security Systems is a world leader in ATM protection systems designed to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, apprehend criminals and deter crime. With over 40 years’ experience and protecting more than 250,000 locations worldwide, our innovative solutions combat crime through a variety of technologies. Our solutions include GPS tracking to track and recover stolen assets; dye and ink staining technology (with DNA option) to protect banknotes stored inside ATM cassettes; and explosive gas neutralization technology to protect ATMs and surrounding buildings. We serve thousands of institutions and organizations worldwide in the Financial, Retail, Cash-In-Transit/Courier, and Law Enforcement markets. Ultimately, by protecting cash and property and deterring crime, 3SI’s products and services protect your employees and your customers... and provide you with peace of mind.

3SI Security Systems

European Headquarters Leuvensesteenweg 540
bus 4 1930 Zaventem

Phone: 0800 906 661
Fax: 0800 908 686

Phone: 0800 181 4909
Fax: 0800 181 3502

Phone: +32(0)2 713 62 40
Fax: +32 (0)2 713 62 54


For more information on 3SI Europe, please visit our website at:

Products & Services

What’s New? SecuriDab® LT

SecuriDab® LT

Our newest product, SecuriDab® LT (SD LT), offers a universal, innovative and flexible system for markets without specific banknote degradation requirements. Based on the highly-successful SecuriDab product, the lid-based LT version offers reliable staining performance at an economical price. SD LT can detect a variety of types of attacks including unauthorized opening, pull out, break-in and drilling or cutting. After detecting and verifying the attack, SD LT stains the notes rendering them worthless to the criminals.

Cash Protection Products

Cash protection products

Scorpion®, SecuriDab NG™, SecuriDab® LT and SecuriSafe ATM™ are all sophisticated systems that have proven to protect cash stored inside ATM cassettes and similar cash machines during physical attacks. Scorpion and SecuriDab NG are robust cash-staining systems offering very consistent and reliable performance and are successfully protecting thousands of cassettes around the world in homologated markets and outside. SecuriDab LT (or SD LT) is a lid-based system designed as an economical alternative for non-homologated countries. SecuriSafe ATM™ detects an attack and releases large amounts of red smoke, which both obscures the criminal’s ability to continue with the theft and draws unwanted attention to the ATM attack.

Explosive gas attacks against ATMs have become commonplace. To counter these threats, 3SI offers AGN® or Autonomous Gas Neutralization. This advanced system detects the presence of explosive gas and releases deterrent substances to mitigate any explosion and render the explosive gas completely ineffective.

Tracking Products

Tracking products

For over 10 years, 3SI’s GPS Tracking systems have recovered stolen cash and products, and have helped apprehend thousands of dangerous criminals. Using a patented design comprising three technologies (GPS, Cellular and RF), products like our Cash Tracker™ and ATM Tracker™ track stolen property and report to our secure website. Security companies and police receive detailed tracking information to pinpoint and catch the criminals. With over 70,000 trackers installed worldwide, 3SI has the experience to protect your cash and valuable assets.

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