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Burroughs, Inc.

Burroughs provides industry-leading technology, sales, support and services to the financial and retail industry nationwide. Our service portfolio includes cash automation solutions, ATM products, branch transformation, kiosks, retail currency and coin recyclers, and business server solutions as well as project management, implementation, and maintenance services.  Burroughs offers market-leading onsite maintenance, remote support and managed services solutions nationwide. Burroughs provides exceptional service on third-party ATM, teller cash automation, safes, branch automation, retail vault, kiosk and self-service solutions throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

What can you count on when you choose Burroughs?  Prompt responses when you need us. Timely repairs and preventive maintenance. Dedicated account managers. Latest updates on compliance and industry changes.  Leveraging a nationwide service organization, Burroughs, Inc. is committed to delivering solutions which exceed expectations.  Whether through field service, remote technical support, teller or retail cash automation, or server technology, Burroughs is focused on creating value for our customers to better position them for the future.

Burroughs, Inc.

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Products & Services

TransacTec™ Device as a Service

TransacTec™ Device as a Service

TransacTec™ Device as a Service is a holistic approach to device management, which allows for an evolving ecosystem of products, best-in-class-service, project management, analytics, predictive logistics & next gen remote managed services to be combined under ONE simple monthly payment for a turnkey solution.

Achieve the sophistication your require without the complexity & hassle of  managing your technology with TransacTec™ Device as a Service powered by Burroughs

TransacTec™ Device as a Service - Whitepaper

TransacTec™ Device as a Service - Brochure

TransacTec™ Device as a Service - Infographic

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Burroughs employs the largest field-service network in the United States aimed at serving financial institution and retailer cash automation technology needs. With our extensive, nationwide field service coverage and technical support associates, Burroughs is uniquely positioned to deliver customizable field service coverage tailored to meet the unique business needs of individual customers. Coupled with redundant call centers covering all US time zones – staffed with level two and level-three product support engineers – Burroughs empowers customers to maximize their return on technology investment through improved uptime and device performance.

In addition to an extensive network of field engineers, Burroughs also offers many professional related services designed to improve customer efficiency and lower operating cost. Professional project management capabilities and an international supply-chain organization allow customers to focus on their core business while Burroughs manages the customized implementation of value-added technology.

ATM Solutions

ATM Solutions

Burroughs offers a wide array of ATM technology targeted at addressing the needs of unique customers and branch locations.  Working with one of the world’s premier ATM manufacturers, Nautilus Hyosung, Burroughs leverages one of the most comprehensive hardware portfolios in the ATM industry.  From simple dispense-only retail or lobby units to full-function, intelligent deposit ATMs, Burroughs is a one-stop provider of automated teller machine technology.  Moreover, Burroughs value doesn’t stop with ATM hardware, instead it continues with mission-critical ATM services as well.

With our vast number of financial institution and independent ATM deployment clients, Burroughs has built an ATM service reputation on years of delivering market-leading onsite maintenance.  In addition to supporting ATM solutions in the Nautilus product portfolio, Burroughs offers the same exceptional service on third party ATM technology including Diebold, NCR, Wincor, Triton, GRG, Genmega and more.

Remote Software Management

Remote Software Management

A cornerstone of any successful fleet management plan includes the implementation of PCI-DSS controls as a business-as-usual process. This includes following a regular software management procedure, implementing basic measures of protection, and maintaining a vulnerability management program. 

In an ever-changing landscape of PCI-DSS and related security compliance requirements and advanced software and platform enhancements, Burroughs expertise and service support infrastructure make software patch management services a natural solution.

Customized Delivery Options - Burroughs understands the balance required to ensure ongoing security while maintaining the highest availability to the end user, and is able to customize a patch delivery program to optimize both. Our service delivery options include remote delivery of security patches, as well as onsite delivery and installation to the ATM.

Service reporting provides customer visibility to scheduled and historical software updates performed on each piece of equipment. Burroughs scheduling includes flexible delivery frequencies best suited to your company’s PCIDSS compliance program and overall security policies.

From Best Practice security steps and design to product solutions, implementation and ongoing maintenance, Burroughs can provide a customized solution to meet your ATM needs.

Professional & Project Services

Professional & Project Services

Maximizing technology investment requires a keen eye for detail and support tailored for unique operating environments. With a nationwide network of project management professionals, field service engineers and logistics coordinators, Burroughs is ideally positioned to empower technology users to overcome barriers to adoption.  Rather than focusing on hardware, software, or service transitions, Burroughs customers focus on improving their core business.

Managing technology implementation and adoption is a full-time job. Planning installation schedules, coordinating hardware shipments, and configuring technology to meet the needs of varying locations requires time and energy that often impacts the focus on growing core business.

How can financial institutions, retailers, and other technology users optimize the implementation and deployment process?

Burroughs understands the complex nature of coordinating, implementing, and supporting technology in a variety of operating environments. With over 100 years of experience serving a wide array of customers, Burroughs has a full-time focus on improving technology implementation and overcoming deployment issues. Combined with a nationwide footprint of field service engineers, the Burroughs professional and project services team is wholly focused on enabling customers to leverage technology faster and more efficiently.

Cash Automation for Retail

Cash Automation for Retail

Burroughs offers market-leading onsite maintenance and remote support for off-premise ATMs nationwide. Our reliable service and superior quality product offering is designed to maximize up-time and profitability of our customer’s ATMs. Coupled with our market-leading call center capabilities, Burroughs is focused on maximizing customer profitability through reducing downtime.

The Burroughs intelligent safe and managed service program empowers retailers to optimize return on labor investment, improve in-store security and shorten float time on cash deposits.  Moreover, leveraging real-time transaction data from Burroughs proprietary web reporting service Cache2Cash® enables corporate and local management to drive employee best practices, investigate discrepancies and coordinate staffing levels.

Regardless of operation size and complexity, Burroughs has a retail cash automation platform to fit any space. 


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