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CashPilot Gmbh

Welcome to CashPilot GmbH

CashPilot® is an AI-based modular End-2-End Cash Management Software Solution Suite to assist Banks, Retailers and Cash-In-Transit Companies to manage their physical cash processes and reporting challenges.

CashPilot stands for

  • intelligent solutions for optimizing your cash logistics
  • an investment that pays for itself in the shortest possible time
  • manufacturer independence

Whether it is DEVICE cash management, cash cycle optimization for bank branches, vaults and cash centres, DEVICE monitoring and ticketing in the event of malfunctions, cash reconciliation or account reconciliation, seamless tracking & tracing of safebags and valuables, documentation of services at the DEVICE and meaningful reports, one-time code lock solutions or smartsafe management, CashPilot unleashes all conceivable optimization potential that lead to cost minimization and maximum efficiency while ensuring highest cash availability.

Get to know the variety of our products on these pages, from DEVICE management to cash cycle optimization, cash demand forecasting and cost optimization, cash and account reconciliation, monitoring, and ticketing and much more!

CashPilot is manufacturer-independent and can be used for a wide range of different cashpoints: for cash dispensers (ATMs), cash deposit devices (CDM), cash recyclers (CRS), smart safes, automatic teller cash recyclers (TCR), bank branches, cash centres, ticket machines, car park ticket machines, statement printers and more.

If you are a CIT company, a bank, an independent ATM deployer (IAD), a cash centre operator or a retailer and would like to save costs and increase efficiency, we would be happy to offer you a consultation and a proof of concept.
CashPilot Gmbh


CashPilot GmbH
Koestlergasse 1
1060 Vienna

Office: +43 1 315 39 79

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Products & Services
CashPilot® Device Monitoring & FLM/ SLM Management: Monitor all important information of your devices such as status, components, stocks, cash availability and events and manage FLM and SLM tickets
CashPilot® Forecasting and Optimization: Sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and cost-optimization models calculate cost-optimized self-evaluated order proposals for each Cash Point
CashPilot® Cash & Account Reconciliation: Automated cash and account recon[1]ciliation significantly reduces costs, enables accurate accounting and reporting, and helps to detect fraud.
CashPilot® Cash-In-Transit: Seamless solution to track each step during the transport process.
CashPilot® Lock One-Time Code (OTC): Automation This App allows one-time code locks to be opened and closed without calling the helpdesk, resulting in an efficient, secure and traceable process for all stakeholders.
To learn more please view our product sheet or visit our website.

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