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Cennox Group Limited

Cennox is an industry leader, known for and trusted for managing complex projects, while offering a wide range of solutions to the world’s leading banks, retail and commercial institutions. Our streamlined comprehensive services, robust processes and vast infrastructure enable Cennox to deliver the full end-to-end and best-in-class solutions giving us a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Globally recognized for our growth via acquisition and inward investment, Cennox is an industry pioneer with operations on six continents and central offices in the United Kingdom and United States. Through an unmatched focus on strengthening customer relationships, we leverage our deep portfolio of customized in-house solutions to deliver unique, personalized service to every client.

One Supplier. So Many Solutions.

Cennox Group Limited

General contact info:
[email protected]

1015 Windward Ridge Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30005
T: +1 (406) 251-5041
E: [email protected]

Admiralty Way
Surrey GU15 3DT
T: +44 (0) 1276 607200
E: [email protected]

Radiatorenstraat 41
B-1800 Vilvoorde
T: +32 2 713 62 00
E: [email protected]

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Products & Services

Financial Security Specialist

ATM Security Solutions

We believe in developing products and solutions that protect clients and their customers, while responding to the ever-changing threats concerning crimes at the ATM. Our portfolio of products, designed and built by our Research and Development Team in the United Kingdom, as well as others in the United States and Europe, have succeeded in delivering huge blows to the criminal community. With many of our products actively developed in partnership with Banks to address their specific requirements, Cennox continues to lead the way in innovative Security products and their implementation, protecting the financial community and their customers. Our goal is to ensure that every machine within your company’s reach remains open for business and protected 24/7.

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Cash Security Solutions

At Cennox we specialize in providing robust security solutions for several industries including banking and retail. Our cash security solutions provide secure cash logistics and storage.

  • Cash Staining Solutions
  • CIT Solutions
  • Cash Tracking
  • Safes
  • Vaults

Service Delivery

Cennox specializes in providing centrally managed solutions for our customers, both big and small, across the regions we serve. Our field service teams, supported by our trained local help desks, provide national coverage with regional and local knowledge to install, maintain and provide ongoing support of our clients critical infrastructure.

Cennox has extensive experience in managing ATM businesses, supporting ATM service providers and delivering solutions that encompass commissioning, installations, repairs, refurbishments and parts logistics for our clients. We are market leaders in the design, production and deployment of ATM signage, and have developed a range of complementary ATM services, ranging from construction and installation to vandalism response systems, equipment servicing and preventative maintenance among many others. We believe in being your first thought when it comes to Service Delivery.

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Technology Solutions

We are the trusted procurement partner for organizations looking to source and deploy new technologies. As a truly multi-vendor supplier of banking hardware, Cennox supports the financial industry with access to an extensive range of ATMs and their associated parts from all major manufacturers and makes, ensuring availability of quality new and used parts to meet our customers’ needs. Cennox understands the critical nature of ATM and equipment downtime and seeks to minimize its impact on your customers with our express parts service, many of which are supplied at prices well below original pricing from manufacturers. With strategically placed distribution and storage facilities, we serve our global clients with a well-supported, well-stocked, and efficient source for all ATM parts needs, from repair to brokerage.

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Branch Transformation Specialist

Financial institutions are rethinking the structure and operations of their branch channel to remain competitive as market trends and consumer behavior evolve. We support our financial customers with the full suite of services to support their strategic refresh projects. From identifying the right hardware to improving in-branch efficiencies, to the complete fit-out and signage of a new  branch, Cennox is central in realizing the project from kick-off to completion. Our consultative approach and unique ability to provide solutions to each touch-point of any project is banks are frequently approaching Cennox to support their Branch Transformation projects.

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Signage & Branding

ATM Branding

With access to the latest printing machines and materials, Cennox can create any style of traditional ATM surround, be it a lobby machine or through the wall surround. Our design team are happy to provide our customers with refreshing ideas around the traditional concept of branding an ATM estate. Many of our customers are turning to the Design Team at Cennox for ideas, inspiration and access to their vast wealth of experience. With cutting edge concepts including back-lit panels, LED trims, TV screens and interactive video, Cennox is delivering bold concepts and 'BIG BRAND' design decisions for our customers needing to maximise their presence on the High Street.

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