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CIMA is a private Italian, family-owned and operated business spanning three generations based in Mirandola, Italy. For almost 65 years, our family has redefined the cash handling industry through innovation, continuous investment in research and development and by understanding our customer-specific needs in the various markets we serve.  Our family ownership gives us the flexibility to make fast decisions in product development that no other organization in our industry can.  We are committed to the US market, and our US office (CIMA Cash Handling America, Inc.) in Houston, TX is the first outside our headquarters in Italy. Our products are sold in over 45 countries via a network of capable and certified partners.


CIMA Cash Handling America Inc.
15720 Park Row Drive
Suite 400
Houston, TX 77084
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+1 (832) 974-4820

Via di Mezzo 2-4
41037 Mirandola MODENA
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Products & Services
Smart Safes

Smart safes are the most widely deployed cash management solution in the market today. They provide a low-cost answer to securing cash in a retail environment. These solutions only offer cash depositing and are not designed to dispense money out. Nevertheless, they do offer retailers the ability to secure cash soon after it has been collected.

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Cash Recyclers

Cash recyclers were historically only used by larger retailers with very high cash volumes. Now, cash recyclers are available in a range of models and are customizable to almost any size business. The benefits are immediate:

  • Eliminate multiple touchpoints – In a manual process, notes and coins must go through multiple hand-to-hand exchanges between cashiers, cash office staff, and management. Receiving notes and coins directly from the recycler for floats and then depositing end of shift funds means that fewer people need to handle the money.
  • Reclaim valuable labor – Counting money in the cash room requires trusted employees and managers to step away from customer-centered activities to count manually, recount, and prepare floats or reconcile end of shift funds. A cash recycler automates and speeds this process. It takes fewer employees less time to complete this task. Workers can focus on more important things, such as replenishing stock or serving customers.
  • Reduce errors and shrink – Automation can eliminate human error and theft. Businesses keep more of the money they earn.

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Self-sealing Stacking Bag Technology

Traditionally, cash cassettes inside a smart safe or cash recycler need to be opened, cash removed, and sometimes bundled and then packed into secure transport bags inside the retailer's premises. Newer smart safes and recyclers from CIMA incorporate self-sealing stacking bag technology that eliminates the need for cassettes to be manually “decashed”. Notes are sealed in a secure plastic bag inside the safe and ready to be transported when removed.  No exposed cash, no need for someone to remain in the cash room longer than just a quick pick up.

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Consumer-facing Point of Sale Solutions

POS Cash Recyclers are fully automated, customer-facing teller stations used in a wide range of businesses. These cash recyclers can be used as staff-assisted devices, or as self-service kiosks.

  • A clean solution where hygiene is essential – Cash is paid directly into the recycler, and change is dispensed directly to the customer. The machine itself can be wiped down and disinfected.
  • Reduced labor costs – Fewer staff are required to process payments. The employees can spend time on customer service activities or other business tasks.
  • Increased security – Cash is collected, recorded, accounted for, and secured in the recycler until ready for transport by CIT service.

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Download a Brochure CIMA-InLane-121.pdf

Teller Cash Recyclers

CIMA manufactures a range of Teller Cash Recyclers (TCR) that suit any retail banking environment. From fit-for-purpose, affordable machines to high capacity and feature-rich units, there is a TCR in our portfolio that will cater to any banking application. Two of our TCRs incorporate stable rolled storage recycling technology, which is highly functional without all the “bells and whistles,” making these TCR’s remarkably affordable for banks wanting basic recycling functionality. Our third and newly developed TCR is designed around cassette-based recycling and storage technology, providing much higher capacity and high speed for large volume and cash-intensive bank environments. This range incorporates other value-added functions like internal self-audit.

Download a Brochure:

AST7000 NT5 Teller Cash Recycler: AST7000NT5-Brochure.pdf
AST7016 Teller Cash Recycler: AST7016-Brochure.pdf
AST9000 Teller Cash Recycler: CIMA-AST9000-E.pdf

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