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Cryptera A/S

Cryptera is a Danish Security & Payment technology company. We are experts in the field of encryption, certification, and secure provisioning services – and have been so for more than 35 years. 

Cryptera has more than 2 million security solutions in operation worldwide. Cryptera has been appointed a VISA and Master Card certified facility for encryption key load.

We are your obvious go-to partner in providing maximum security in OEM payment solutions for a broad range of international markets. 

We develop and manufacture a broad range of Encrypting PIN Pads and an NFC Contactless Card Reader for ATM and Kiosk applications. All products are certified to international PCI 5 & 6 standards.

Our end-to-end security platform including hardware, software, and services all serve to protect sensitive information by using cryptographic methods and certified secure processes.

From our headquarters in Copenhagen, we are a team of innovative, strong-hearted, and professional people that together contribute to a successful business.

Products & Services

We offer a variety of OEM products that can be combined for your needs. Our Unattended Payment Solutions are designed to provide you with flexibility to customize your payment interface with the latest certified payment technology. We offer a range of individual secure payment components for you to choose from, to create the most flexible and user-friendly configuration for your payment environment.

Our solutions have for more than 30 years proved their reliability and quality performance in a broad variety of harsh payment environments and climates.

Through our network of global partners and customers we have delivered more than 2 million payment solutions worldwide.

Cryptera A/S

Cryptera A/S
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Stig Gudmundsen, Sales and Marketing Director
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Contactless Payment

Cryptera’s EMV and PCI-approved NFC Reader enables fast and secure contactless payment by card or mobile phone. ’The NFC Reader is available as part of our modular payment solution – or as a standalone reader – to function with an already installed payment application.

The NFC Reader is compliant with several international cards and mobile payment schemes, so the users can enjoy convenient and fast payment transactions, while merchants achieve short queues and low maintenance costs due to low wear on the hardware.

Secure Card Reader

Payment Solutions that includes EMV card transactions will in most cases need support for offline PIN verification. This requires devices that can transfer the PIN in a secure manner between the EPP and a Secure Card Reader (SCR). The Cryptera PIN entry devices have been PCI PTS 5.x approved with two different Secure Card Readers.

Encrypting PIN Pads (EPP)

We offer a variety of EPPs that fits your needs and are adaptable for your business. Our EPPs are certified to the security standard PCI 5.x & 6.x to protect your sensitive data.

We have a long track record of developing and manufacturing EPPs for a large number of global customers.  Our development team is always ready to do SW changes and adaptations that fit to your requirements and back-end solutions.

Cryptera EPP 1215

Cryptera EPP 1215

The EPP 1215 delivers features necessary for processing payment in today’s self-service market. Optimal for applications that experience high traffic and usage, the EPP 1215 features a watertight polymer front that houses stainless steel keys. PCI 5.x and PCI 6.x approved.

Small size EPP is well suited for kiosk applications, especially gas-station pay-at-the-pump applications and other high traffic usages. The EPP has an extra serial interface for direct connection of the Cryptera Secure Card Reader providing support for EMV Offline PIN.

Cryptera EPP 1217

Cryptera EPP 1217

Full-size EPP that targets ATM applications. The smart choice for companies looking for the most advanced Encrypting PIN Pad security features and one that can take the beating of everyday use. The EPP 1217 is housed in a watertight polymer front that is resistant to fraudster attacks.

Flexible options for integration make the EPP 1217 the right OEM choice for manufacturers and integrators of ATMs, Unattended Payment devices, and kiosks looking for a secure PIN input option. The Cryptera 1217 EPP is PCI 5.x and PCI 6.x approved.

Cryptera EPP 1218

Cryptera EPP 1218

Full-size EPP, like EPP 1217, but with an alternative form factor fitting other types of ATMs. This Encrypting PIN Pad in Cryptera’s 1200 series, offering manufacturers and operators one of the most secure Encrypting PIN Pads available on the market today. The Cryptera EPP 1218 is made  for indoor and outdoor use, offering manufacturers another form factor for integration.

Optimized for use in self-service kiosks and ATMs, as the ruggedized design of the EPP 1218 is built to withstand the most severe fraudulent attacks while complying with payment security standards. The Cryptera 1218 EPP is PCI 5.x and PCI 6.x approved.

Cryptera EPP 2200

Cryptera EPP 2200

Encrypting PIN Pad with a secure display. This is often required in kiosk applications where you need to guide the customers through the payment process. The EPP has an extra serial interface for direct connection of a Secure Card Reader providing support for EMV Offline PIN.

The possibility of display guidance makes the EPP suitable for kiosk applications where the payment process is handled as a separate function in the kiosk interface.

This EPP is especially suited to EMV kiosk applications that require additional support for EMV Offline PIN. It has a serial interface for direct connection of the Cryptera Secure Card Reader. The Cryptera 2200 EPP is PCI 5.x approved.

CryptoTouch (ETC)

The increasing use of touchscreens as the main user interface in unattended transactions has created a need to secure sensitive information entered on the screen. CryptoTouch enables secure PIN entry on a touch screen through standard and customized PCI-approved solutions.

CryptoTouch contains an Encrypted Touch Controller and a Secure Touch panel specially designed to meet PCI requirements.

It is a secure PIN entry solution for integration with touch screens from 5 – 27”. The Cryptera ETC is PCI 5.x and PCI 6.x approved.

Customized Solutions

Cryptera has for decades developed and manufactured customized EPP solutions to a number of global market leaders in the ATM, Kiosk and Fuel Pump Industries. We are offering our customers contractual agreements providing them full exclusivity for their own EPP solutions. Our next developments steps for EPPs will be targeting to offer customers PCI 6.x certified EPP solutions. By combining and integrating our various payment modules we can also provide OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) solutions to our customers’ applications. Our latest development is addressing the growing marked demand for contactless payment in various unattended payment environments. To support this market trend, our NFC Reader can be sold as an OEM kit set for individual integration to your current solution.

If your company has a need for a customized payment solution, please contact us for a dialogue about your requirements and options.

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