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Dorma and Kaba are now dormakaba. We offer products, solutions and services for smart secure access.

The merger to dormakaba offers you added value in each phase of our collaboration. We are now there for you through every development phase of your building project, enabling the best solutions for your requirements. We aim at developing products, solutions and services that make life for our customers and end-users more simple and secure.

With our presence in over 130 countries we operate both globally and locally – we are there wherever you need us. We know the on-site requirements, we listen to our customers and partners, we ask the right questions and consider every aspect to come up with smart, secure access solutions – everything related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms provided from a single source.

This includes locking systems with cylinders and locks, right through to fully networked electronic access solutions, physical access and automatic door systems, as well as a comprehensive range of door hinges, fittings, door closers and stoppers, not to mention key blanks and key-cutting machines. This extensive range is complemented by products for time and enterprise data recording, high security safe locks and hotel locks, horizontal sliding walls and movable partitions.


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Kaba Ltd
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Tel: 0870 000 5625
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Products & Services

Cash In Transit & Rolling Stock

Cash In Transit

dormakaba supply the UK’s leading CIT vehicle manufacturers with a range of keyswitches, camlocks and specialist self-powering electronic combination locks to secure such equipment as integral vehicle safes, drop safes and transfer hatches.

Security solutions for most of the services undertaken with the CIT sector such as high street collection, trunking, bulk coin carrying, car park meter and ATM servicing are catered for within the Kaba product range.

Kaba 20 & Kaba quattro pluS

Kaba 20 & Kaba quattro pluS

Our patented mechanical key systems Kaba 20 and Kaba quattro pluS are highly secure master key systems. Both products are tested to EN1303 and are registered, meaning duplicate keys can only be cut against authorised signature directly from dormakaba. The strong, smooth, reversible key can be inserted into the lock either way, with the absence of serration and the ergonomic design ensuring they can be applied to withstand the most testing conditions.

The modular design of Kaba Quattro pluS provides additional flexibility as the interchangeable core can be inserted into a range of locking solutions from camlocks, switch locks and padlocks within a master key system.

ATM security

ATM security

Cencon - The totally self-powered ATM lock is designed to combat insider theft through the combined use of lock hardware, software and Smart Keys. The "One Time Combination" is used in a unique closed loop. It is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date, thus eliminating temptation.

Axessor - The modular electronic safe lock Axessor can be networked or used as a stand-alone unit. It can be used wherever organizational flexibility, fast response and increased security are required.

Audicon - The totally self-powered (PowerStar™ Technology) offers the advantages and convenience of true stand-alone electronic safe access.

Kaba Evolo

Kaba Evolo

Kaba evolo is the latest development in flexibility and future security. The wireless connection and scalability of various components of Kaba evolo is remarkable. Not only is it possible to expand mechanical key systems without any problems, seamless migration into superior online access systems is also possible at any time. Kaba evolo is the ideal choice for flexibly harmonised, intelligent access systems.
3 products from the Kaba portfolio were decorated with the 2011 iF product design award. A total of 2,576 products were entered by 1,121 participants from 43 countries for this renowned award.

Kaba Oracode

Kaba Oracode

Kaba Oracode is a standalone, secure and economical electronic push button lock. Oracode works on a time sensitive code, these codes can be generated to last from OTC (One time combination) to a code that lasts days, months or years, with no risk of access being compromised. 

Access can be granted by contacting the central software. There is no need to distribute keys or cards to CIT/FLM personnel, you only have to visit the lock once to initialise and return only when an audit is required.

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