Don't let ATM connectivity be your Achilles' heel. DPL's Hercules platform is not just a piece of hardware and a cellular plan. It's like having an expert partner who never sleeps and is never more than a phone call away.

Spend more time growing your business by partnering with DPL. Successfully managing the connectivity for fleets of ATMs takes specialized teams and years of experience. Get the uptime your business needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

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Hercules (IP) and Hercules+ (IP and Dial-up) Wireless ATM Modems

Hercules (IP) and Hercules+ (IP and Dial-up) Wireless ATM Modems

Our Hercules wireless modems are built by us - with care - in North America.

Our casings are made of metal. They’re not just some off-the-shelf piece of plastic, made in who knows where, with some re-sellers logo slapped on it.

They’re like you - rugged and ready for anything.

Our network architecture routs all transactions through our data centres, giving us, and you, complete visibility of what’s happening; at your ATMs; with your cellular carriers; and with your payment processors. All through the mobile friendly, Hercules Portal.

When we say 24/7/365 technical support - dang it - we mean it. With a 99% response rate, we’re here when you need us.

Other Hercules details:

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider
  • EMV and DCC Proven
  • 24/7/365 Live Technical Support
  • 2-Way / RMS Software Capable
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Supports Hercules Accessories - ATM Protector & ATM Restart
  • 2-year Warranty with Immediate RMA Replacement

Hercules Pricing Guide

Hercules Portal

Hercules Portal

Let our mobile-friendly Hercules Portal do the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your ATM fleet. Free to use, the Hercules Portal includes unique features like:

Terminal ID Auto-Detect
Our Hercules modems can auto detect the terminal IDs meaning no more manually recording and tracking which Hercules modems are installed in each ATM – making it even easier to remotely monitor and manage your fleet of ATMs from anywhere.

Fleet Health Dashboard
See real-time status updates regarding connectivity health of your ATMs, Hercules modems, DPL Data centres, and Processors.

Terminal Health Dashboard
Similar to the Fleet Health Dashboard the Terminal Health Dashboard provides real-time status reports about the health of individual terminals.

Receive alerts about issues affecting the health of your terminals by email, SMS (text message), or view them in the Hercules Portal, assisting with diagnostics and minimizing downtime.

Filter by alarm type and health status to see only the information you need to see in order to help you quickly troubleshoot issues affecting your ATMs.

Review and edit information related to individual terminals like:

  • View terminal ID numbers and Hercules serial numbers
  • Add names, descriptions, and notes specific to individual ATMs
  • Configure communications settings
  • Review diagnostics information

And more!

Hercules Pricing Guide

ATM Restart

ATM Restart

Avoid lost transactions, travel, and tech fees with the ATM Restart.

Remotely reboot your ATMs anywhere, any time from the mobile friendly Hercules Portal.

No added monthly fees!

ATM Restart Spec Sheet

ATM Protector

ATM Protector

Get alerts through SMS text message, email or in the mobile friendly Hercules Portal any time suspicious activity occurs at your ATMS.

Be alerted about:

  • Power Interruptions
  • Door Open Events
  • Motion and Tilting

Rest easy knowing the ATM protector has your back

ATM Protector Spec Sheet

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