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Recognised as one of the world’s original and most established fintech organisations, Fexco serves some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple industries, predominantly in the payments and foreign exchange sectors, through a wide range of innovative products and services including; Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Multi Currency Pricing (MCP), Tax Free Shopping and Retail FX.

Fexco's DCC@ATM™ solution gives international cardholders the option to withdraw cash at the ATM while paying for it in their own currency with full disclosure of the exchange rate and margin.

Fexco is a global market leader in the provision of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), providing solutions to 320,000+ merchant locations & over 60 multi-currency enabled acquiring banks.



Fexco Head Office
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Website: https://www.fexco.com/currency-conversion-solutions/dynamic-currency-conversion/atm/

Shane McElroyShane McElroy
Global Head of ATM Strategy
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Stephen HartStephen Hart
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Ryan GuofengRyan Guofeng
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Juan Ignacio de la Miyar GutierrezJuan Ignacio de la Miyar Gutierrez
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Products & Services



Fexco DCC@ATM is a service that allows international travellers to withdraw cash from an ATM in a foreign country and choose to be charged in their home currency rather than the local currency. With DCC@ATM, users receive real-time margin and exchange rate information and can make an informed decision on whether to accept the conversion

Fexco is the long-term partner of choice in the ATM market​

DCC@ATM is the safest and most popular choice for foreign transactions at local ATMs. As an ATM owner, choosing to implement Fexco DCC ensures:​

  • You are provided with a new revenue stream from international card transactions​
  • Revenue generated through the FX transaction goes directly to the ATM owner, not the card supplier or issuing bank​
  • Conversion risk is removed for ATM users​
  • Seamless integration as our DCC@ATM solution can be integrated with your existing model​
  • Full post-sales support through our Partnership Support Programme to maximise the revenue potential 

Be sure with our best-in-class rates technology

  • Guaranteed 99.999% uptime – always connected, always available​​
  • Extensive currency profiles – maximise DCC reach and revenue​​
  • Flexible margining capability – Apply a margin that suits your customer's profile​​
  • Wholesale Interbank rates – Offering customer value with a compelling base rate​​
  • Hosted in Tier 1 data centres – protecting your business revenue with excellent SLAs​​
  • Fully-scheme compliant – reducing your risk and protecting your customers​​
  • Performance reporting – maximising your revenue and growing your business



Fexco’s DCC solutions enable vendors to generate extra revenue without any foreign exchange risk. Our fully card scheme compliant solution seamlessly integrates with your payments network. Leveraging Fexco's expertise in foreign currency, you can boost your revenue while ensuring your guests enjoy the most exceptional payments experience possible.



eDCC empowers international online consumers by offering them the option to pay in their home currency directly on the payment page. With complete transparency regarding the exchange rate and margin, users can enjoy immediate conversion to a familiar currency.



Fexco’ s Multi-Currency Pricing is an eCommerce payment solution that allows international consumers to browse online, view prices and pay in their preferred currency with full disclosure of exchange rates. It allows real time currency management across an eCommerce platform with a single API and improves the consumer’s shopping experience, reduces cart abandonment, and creates a new revenue stream for the vendor, all while providing easy reconciliation with MIS reporting, offering zero or flexible risk solutions, dependent on your FX strategy.

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