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Products & Services

ATM Test and Configuration Solutions

ATM Test and Configuration Solutions

For: banks, ATM manufacturers, switch vendors, ATM service operators

Using an ATM is one of the most frequent interactions that customers have with their bank. It is important that their experience is a good one, so you and your customers enjoy an immaculate brand reputation.

Take control of your ATM channel: automate your testing, minimize downtime and support innovation.

ATM TestLab
Validates your ATM applications and mitigates the risk of unexpected changes or defects that impact the availability of the ATM service.

Our test solution enables you to create a cloud of virtual ATMs, enabling remote teams to contribute to ATM software testing and to multiply the number of ATMs available, preventing scarce hardware from becoming a bottleneck.

Using test automation features, users can create and manage a central repository of test cases, resulting in better visibility of the ATM testing process and turns testing from a cost-center into something that adds tangible value into the future.

ATM TestBench
Offers you powerful test automation capabilities for the ATMs in your lab, in a simple-to-install package.

If you don’t require a virtualized or multi-user test solution but still want to make better use of the ATMs in your test lab, ATM TestBench gives you the competitive edge that delivers real business value.

ATM Developer
Adding and changing content in the ATM network can really enhance a customer’s ATM experience and the network owner’s brand image.

ATM Developer is a solution that provides you easy-to-use editing of both screen content and logical transaction flow for ‘states and screens’ ATM protocols such as NDC or 912, giving you the ability to change configuration files quickly in response to business needs.

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Open Test Solutions (OTS)

Open Test Solutions (OTS)

Testing is a critical process in any enterprise environment. Especially in the payments industry, your brand reputation needs to be pristine. Moreover, going to market fast with the right payment solution can be challenging.

Open Test Solutions help you to save time and implement payment solutions that are adapted for the profound changes that the payment landscape is undergoing.

Reliable payment solutions, superior quality, innovation and a correct implementation of industry standards all rely on a good test strategy. Open Test Solutions help you to virtualize your test environment and do more with less by implementing automated, continuous testing.

Our Open Test Solutions’ can help a variety of businesses (i.e. banks, financial institutions, banks, corporations, payment solutions providers, processors, merchants and VAR’s) with solutions that are tailored to their specific needs:

  • Bank Payment Test Solutions to test and identify the risk areas within the multifaceted payments landscape.
  • Real-Time Payments Test Solutions to manage instantaneous transaction processing, process feedback and an interface with existing back-end systems with new API’s.
  • Host Test Solutions to validate your system through the existing authorization interfaces.
  • EMV Test Solutions, Services and Consulting to assist you with all certification needs, deadlines and training for when you deploy your card payment services.
  • Web-based Test Solutions to validate and ensure the quality of your payment solutions by uniting the accessibility of the cloud with the full control over executed test scenarios.
  • Test Services that help you tackle the challenges of the payments world by taking care of your testing and certification needs with Testing as a Service (TaaS), tool customization, automation and much more.
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Improve ATM Security and Migrate to Windows 10

Improve ATM Security and Migrate to Windows 10

Ensuring ATMs run on a fully supported model, FIS helps financial institutions review and determine hardware, software and maintenance readiness for a Windows 10 migration.

Proper Assessment: Determine the readiness of your ATM fleet for a Windows 10 migration, with a complete ATM Fleet Inventory and Assessment.

A Fully Supported Platform: Employ the latest security patches, risk monitoring and updates, and develop ongoing ATM operating and monitoring plans.

Future Proof your Business: Build an executable playbook to use in future operation system migrations and network upgrades.


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