GMV is a privately owned technological business group with an international presence. Founded in 1984, GMV offers its solutions, services and products in very diverse sectors: Aeronautics, Banking and Finances, Space, Defense, Health, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automotive, Telecommunications, and Information Technology for Public Administration and large corporations.

Our goal is to support our client's processes by dint of technologically advanced solutions, providing integrated systems, specialized products and services covering the whole life cycle. These range from consultancy and engineering services up to the development of software and hardware, the integration of turnkey systems and operational backup.

GMV boast more than 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity, offering highly specialized remote and on-site Information Security consultancy services such as security risk assessments, vulnerability management, security architecture designs, penetration test and development of ISMS based on international standards. GMV partners with corporations and multilateral institutions globally, covering the whole Cybersecurity lifecycle through the provision of engineering and integration services, 24x7 managed services and designing its own specialized products.



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Products & Services

Checker ATM Security®

Checker ATM Security®

Checker ATM Security is a Cybersecurity product specifically designed for financial self-service networks.

Currently, checker ATM Security protects over 130,000 ATMs for more than 40 customers in around 35 countries worldwide. It runs smoothly in multivendor networks with over 10,000 ATMs and has been proven in ATMs from all major manufacturers for more than ten years.

Checker ATM Security is a world-class cybersecurity product specifically designed for ATMs and Kiosks. Checker will help you protect your ATMs from logical fraud while meeting applicable PCI-DSS requirements quickly and effectively, even for unsupported versions of the ATM Operating System.

Cybersecurity product specifically designed for financial self-service networks. It provides a highly secure software environment for multivendor ATM estates ranging to thousands of ATMs with minimum impact in ATM operations.

Preserves the integrity of the Operating System, ensures rigorous process authentication and authorization, rejects unauthorized network connections, restricts access to sensitive information, controls unauthorized devices from being connected to the ATM and blocks any malicious software, among many other features.

Includes a dashboard to present cybersecurity-related status for large networks in a simple way, features centralized monitoring and management functionalities.

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Cybersecurity service that enables the checking and managing the security level of information systems.

The service periodically performs a series of automated tests for the purpose of identifying system weaknesses that may be exposed over the Internet, including the possibility of unauthorized access to administrative services, the existence of outdated services, and the detection of vulnerabilities, etc.

Gestvul performs a periodic follow-up of control and updating tasks performed by professionals managing information systems security, and provides reports that can be used to implement a plan for continuous improvement of the system's security level.

Additionally, gestvul facilitates and reduces the workload of Telecommunications Operators in terms of audits performed by different official institutions.

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Organizations need not only to use social media to promote themselves and do business; they also need to monitor the impact of information they send out and also the effect of whatever others might opine, say or orchestrate against them. As well as traditional websites and social networking sites, there are other sources (P2P networks, IRC channels, blogs, anonymous networks, text containers, etc.) where information containing comments and defamation of this type may be stored and exchanged and also restricted documents containing confidential information on the organization, its employees and clients, which should not rightfully have been divulged.

To ensure that organizations have more and better knowledge of the network information on them and increase their overall security, GMV has provided its clients with the digital surveillance service: atalaya.

GMV monitors diverse sources, on an 8x5 or 7x24 basis, to detect accidental or purposeful publications that might pose a risk to the organization or damage its image. atalaya pinpoints activities such as information leaks, phishing scams, hacking, fraudulent activities, industrial espionage, ATPs, pharming, spam, information obtained from organization hacking, user credentials in various services of the organization.

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Codelogin is a “Password free” secure authentication system.

Codelogin uses the user’s cell phone as an authentication token, as a secure execution platform, as a repository of private keys and as an alternative communication channel, authenticated and encrypted, using specific technology to minimize management costs.

Codelogin is just as simple to use as taking a cell-phone photo and it has many advantages:

  • Enables secure access to a local or remote system using strong authentication technologies (two-factor authentication: “something you have” and “something you know”).
  • Unaffected by Trojans due to dual-channel authentication preventing any malware already present in the client computer from manipulating sensitive transactions of the user or carrying out any fraudulent transactions.
  • Uses the user’s everyday cell phone as the authentication device (providing the “something you have” without the need of any additional token). You might lend out your token, but you will not lend out your cell phone.
  • Provides access without the user having to use any computer peripheral (neither keyboard nor mouse).

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