Gunnebo is a leading provider of efficient and innovative security solutions and services to clients around the globe. With offices in 32 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas, Gunnebo designs, develops and sells security systems for sectors, where large volumes of cash, people and merchandise are combined with high security.

Our experience is based on many years of servicing the Banking and Retail sectors, providing unrivalled expertise in cash handling, safes, security doors, access and entrance control, and prevention of burglary, theft and fire risk.

Our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to our clients’ business requirements and combine hardware, software and value-added security services.


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Products & Services

ATM Enclosures

ATM Enclosures

With a highly experienced dedicated team and thanks to a unique global manufacturing footprint, Gunnebo can offer CEN certified products (including EX and GAS) to its ATM customers worldwide. We take pride in our short lead times to develop, test and certify CEN products as well local specials as per customer requirements.

We also offer one point of contact for Global customers with regards to revision management and new developments ensuring consistency of the product world-wide. Modular design coupled with value engineering/LEAN initiatives supports our customers’ business requirements.  

ATM Enclosure manufacturing sites in The Netherlands, India, China, USA and South Africa

Cash Handling

Cash Handling

As the leader in the retail cash handling sector, Gunnebo offers a range of systems for dispensing, counting, recycling and processing cash automatically, the aim being to improve efficiency and productivity of our clients.

Over 100 billion euros pass through our cash handling solutions every year. With more than 35,000 cash solutions and tens of millions of sealbags all over the world, we are trusted to provide our clients with front office and back office automated cash handling solutions that will streamline processes, enhance security and provide connectivity with all parties involved in the cash cycle.

Physical Security

Physical Security

Protecting storage of cash and valuables from burglary, blast and ballistic attacks, as well as fire is one of Gunnebo’s oldest businesses. Today we use the latest technologies to create high-quality, independently tested safes, cabinets and vault rooms which guarantee security.

Gunnebo also offers indoor and outdoor solutions including security doors and windows and airlocks to secure property, people and valuables, control and regulate the flow of individuals.

Electronic Security

Electronic Security

Our integrated electronic security systems include access control identification, intrusion detection, CCTV and electronic Locks.

Based on the latest technological innovations, our GSL 1000 electronic lock can be used with safes, doors, vaults and banking facilities, as a stand-alone unit, as a locking system with one-time codes or as part of a network. It includes a powerful management software application to manage and control the network of locks (e.g. ATM networks).

Global Services

Global Services

With security experts, skilled technicians and professional support staff, Gunnebo can offer a full range of advisory services featuring hotline support, installation, maintenance, data hosting and training, all customised to maximize the return of the security investment.

Our solutions are built around a software suite for security supervision and administration; cash process monitoring and electronic locks management.

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