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KAL ATM Software

KAL is a world-leading ATM software company specializing in solutions for bank ATMs, self service kiosks and bank branch networks.

Our multivendor Kalignite Software Suite enables ATM hardware, software and services sourced from multiple vendors to work together perfectly so banks regain control of their ATM networks thereby reducing costs, increasing functionality and improving customer service.

KAL ATM Software is the preferred ATM software and ATM management solution for many of the world’s leading banks including Citibank, UniCredit, HSBC and ING. KAL software is installed on over 300,000 ATMs from over 40 manufacturers in more than 80 countries.

For more information about KAL, please visit www.kal.com


KAL ATM Software

Global HQ
Munich, Germany
244 Leopoldstrasse, 80807
+49 89 2019 0155

Edinburgh, UK
5 Logie Mill, EH7 4HG
+44 131 659 4900

Website: www.kal.com

Customer Enquiries : [email protected]

Twitter: kalATMsoftware

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Products & Services

Kalignite Advanced ATM Application (K3A) is a Next Generation ATM application that works for banks of all sizes and runs on ATMs from over 40 manufacturers. It includes all of the ATM functionality required by the most advanced banks today, supporting a full set of traditional and advanced ATM transactions, recycling, 1-to-1 marketing, cardless and contactless transactions, the latest user interface technologies and many other features.

Visit the KAL site to find out more about the benefits of using K3A.


The Kalignite NDC application is a “drop-in” solution that upgrades any NDC network to the newest generation of multivendor ATM technology. Kalignite NDC is uniquely multivendor compliant and provides a "full emulation" of the NDC specification making it backward compatible with all NDC-based ATM networks. It provides added features, transactions and services for customers while retaining the existing NDC infrastructure.

Visit the KAL site to find out more about our ATM applications.


Kalignite Terminal Controller (KTC) is a complete and fully integrated ATM management system that gives banks a single, consolidated view of their entire ATM network. It provides a direct, secure connection from each ATM, giving banks immediate, real-time access to information needed to effectively manage and monitor their ATMs. KTC provides monitoring, software distribution, remote diagnostics, asset management, marketing campaign management, trouble ticketing and all of the other features needed to deliver high availability at the lowest operational cost.

Visit the KAL site to find out more about the benefits of using KTC.


The Kalignite Terminal Handler (KTH) drives bank ATMs, kiosks and POS devices. It is designed to be installed on widely available, low-cost Windows-based hardware servers within the bank’s data center or in a Cloud configuration. KTH orchestrates the transactions flowing through the network, ensuring that the information needed to authenticate the customer and authorize the requested transaction is accurately and securely delivered to the proper systems within the network. In addition, KTH provides complete cryptographic services for the network, including Remote Key Loading.

Visit the KAL site to find out more about the benefits of using KTH.

Kalignite Platform

Kalignite Platform is the foundation for all Kalignite applications. The Kalignite Platform is the software layer that makes applications truly hardware-agnostic. It is built on the XFS standard and supports hundreds of ATM models from over 40 manufacturers. The Kalignite Platform offers everything needed for the development of functionally-rich, robust multivendor applications for ATMs and all types of self-service systems.

Visit the KAL site to find out more about the benefits of using Kalignite Platform.

Kalignite Hypervisor

Kalignite Hypervisor is KAL's answer for Windows 10 migration without the need for hardware upgrades using OS-virtualization technology. It uses a Linux hypervisor to host the Windows 10 operating system ‒ which means that ATMs do not necessarily have to have the processor / CPU upgraded in order to support Windows 10. The Kalignite Hypervisor includes full support from KAL and our partner Red Hat, enabling banks to escape from the endless cycle of upgrades caused by the end-of-life for Windows 7 and future versions of Windows.

Visit the KAL site to find out more about the benefits of using Hypervisor.

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