National Bank of Greece

National Bank leads the largest and strongest financial group in Greece, with a strong presence in Southeast Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. Established in 1841, it became the first bank in the modern Greek state, with a decisive contribution to the financial life during these 175 years of history.

National Bank offers a broad range of financial products and services that meet the ever changing needs of businesses and individuals.

It has the most complete service network covering the entire geographical area of Greece, while at the same time it is constantly improving its alternative electronic banking services, such as i-bank Mobile and Internet Banking.

Products & Services

i-bank electronic banking

i-bank electronic banking

NBG’s i-bank services are available anywhere, anytime:

  • through our Internet Banking facility –the only thing needed is an Internet connection
  • through our Mobile Banking facility and your Smartphone device, bringing the Bank within your reach 24 hours a day
  • via whatever phone you choose, whether landline or mobile, through our Phone Banking service with a simple phone call
  • throughout the country via our ATM network which  brings the Bank to your fingertips 24/7
  • via Automated Payment System (APS) which allows you to carry out transactions even if you’re not a customer of the Bank



With more than 1.430 ATMs, National Bank has the most complete and geographically dispersed ATM network in Greece. Available 24/7, the i-bank ATM network enables customers to carry out a wide range of transactions by using their bank card and Personal Identification Number.

NBG’s i-bank ATM solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Speed and flexibility: wherever you are in Greece, you’re never far from an i-bank ATM.
  • High level of security: the Bank’s security systems monitor the smooth processing of all transactions on a 24/7 basis.
  • Money savings: zero or very low charges. 

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