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NationalLink is an industry leader providing complete ATM solutions. Over the past 20 years NationalLink has grown to be one of the largest ATM networks by providing the right tools, experience, and relationships to help you offer state of the art services to your customers and maximize your profits.

We provide unrivaled efficiency and reliability and our continued success can only be attributed to our high level of professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

NationalLink was started in 1992 as an engineering firm assisting with the design and development of credit card and electronic fund transfer terminals. With the continuous improvements and the need for new payment technologies, the company in late 1993 started providing payment processing solutions including sales and processing of credit card terminals. In 1996, with Cirrus and Plus allowing surcharging on ATM machines, the company entered the sales, service and processing of ATMs.

Since early 1996, NationalLink has been a nationwide company that provides complete turn-key ATM systems including sales, processing, service, and cash management. NationalLink is a master distributor of Triton Systems Inc., Hantle USA Inc., Genmega and Nautilus Hyosung USA. NationalLink is an ATM Service company first and we are also a certified repair center for all the leading ATM manufacturer’s and have certified and trained service technicians throughout the country.

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2235 Auto Centre Drive
Glendora, CA 91740
Phone: 909-670-1900
Toll-free: (800) 363-9835

Puerto Rico
Urbanización el Cerezal Calle Paraná #1646
San Juan, PR 00926

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Products & Services

ATM Processing

ATM ProcessingNationalLink specializes in processing financial transaction for ATM owners and manages thousands of ATMs nationwide for banks, credit unions, merchants, as well as ATM operators/deployers with a complete turnkey program.

Our platform supports dial-up ATMs as well as new emerging technologies such as IP, CDMA, wireless, and leased-line ATMS.

We have an extremely high transaction-approval rate because of our superior nationwide and international banking connectivity.

We process bank cards from all over the major networks including but not limited to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PLUS, Pulse, NYCE, CU24, Quest, Star as well as all State EBT programs that supports ATM withdrawals.

NationalLink’s processing services insures maximum network uptime for our customers with virtually no downtime. We provide the most reliable interface in the industry with direct connectivity to most networks, thus ensuring higher transaction approval rates and fewer denials.

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ATM Placement

ATM PlacementFor the business owner who wants an ATM without the headaches of managing its operation, NationalLink has a free ATM placement program*, all you need to do is supply space and power and NationalLink will do the rest.

Under this program, the business owner receives a portion of the surcharge which is the amount you charge the customer per ATM transaction. If your business falls under one of these categories, call us at 866-286-2466 or fill out the contact form and we will install an ATM at no cost to you:

  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Gas Station, C-Store or Truck Stops
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotels
  • Casinos and Bingo Halls
  • Amusement Parks
  • College / University Locations
  • Hospitals
  • Special Events (Festivals, Concerts)
  • Any location with heavy foot traffic

*Location must qualify for free ATM placement by having adequate foot traffic.

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Cash Vaulting & Armored Services

Cash Vaulting & Armored ServicesNationalLink’s Vault Cash Program is designed to satisfy the requirements of today’s demanding market. As ATM owners know, money costs money, thus keeping the right amount of cash in an ATM is critical to the success of any deployment. Our proven Cash Management system allows us to initialize and track the flow of cash between banks and armored carriers to reconcile information at each step of the process.

Using the most successful ATM software program, NationalLink applies predictive techniques and forecasting to control cash in ATMs.

Our Cash Management system allows us to initialize and track the flow of cash to and from the banks and armored carriers and reconcile information at each step of the process. Our turn-key system includes:

  • Arranging cash sources from our partner funding banks.
  • Order cash using real-time projections based on actual ATM activity.
  • Providing cash insurance.
  • Resolving all maintenance issues.
  • Contracting with Armored Companies to vault cash in ATMs.
  • Schedule and coordinate all cash loads with both the funding bank and the armored carrier.
  • Monitor ATM activity in real time and calculate average daily outstanding balances.
  • 24 call center for ATM locations and users

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ATM Branding for Banks

ATM Branding for BanksBenefits of Branding:

  • Protect existing areas of influence
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Expand ATM network
  • Enhance convenience to both prospective and current customers
  • Boost bank brand awareness
  • Attract and retain lifetime banking relationships

More ATMs increase visibility, expand your footprint, and attract new and existing depositors.

The fact is, people want quick and easy access to their cash. With more convenient ATM locations, members will have this quick accessibility and peace-of-mind. This peace-of-mind will drive more frequent deposits while increasing depositor volume.

NationalLink ATMs currently operate in a number of retail, grocer, and hospitality locations across the United States and its surrounding territories. Using our existing locations as a platform to market your brand while serving your existing customers surcharge-free, you can also expand your footprint without a large capital investment.

Custom on screen messages, exterior wrapping, and lit surroundings are a few ways that NationalLink can aid in expanding your institution’s reach.

NationalLink will tailor a co-branding program that fits your needs including the following features:

  • NationalLink owns and operates the machine, thus eliminating the equipment costs altogether.
  • NationalLink will service and remotely monitor the ATMs to ensure maximum up time without distracting branch employees.
  • Cash will be loaded and managed by NationalLink (unless otherwise specified by the location) via NationalLink’s Cash Management Team.
  • On-screen advertisement and exterior marketing.
  • Surcharge-free transactions for all bank cardholders in all expanded ATM locations, including MoneyPass and AllPoint.

Is it time to partner with NationalLink to increase your bank’s footprint? Give us a call today at (866) 286-2466 or request more information here.

ATM Service & Repairs

ATM Service & RepairsService is NationalLink’s priority.

We understand that a non-working ATM is lost revenue and lost customers. We have developed a network of nationwide certified technicians experienced in all ATMs we place and sell – ready for prompt emergency services nationwide. To ensure your ATM is working at all times, we are completely focused on meeting your service needs and support this with the following:

  • 24-hour technical support hotline
  • Online support system which can be accessed using your user name and password in the secure portion of our website
  • Remote diagnosis of any problem by dialing your ATM
  • National parts and inventory
  • Experienced customer service

To further bolster our level of support, NationalLink has an in-house repair facility for our customers nationwide. To provide you the best value, we will always attempt to repair parts rather than just replacing them.

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