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Oberthur Cash Protection

Oberthur Cash Protection, OCP, are a world leader in the provision of cash protection systems that employ Intelligent Banknote Neutralization, IBNS, technology for the global cash industry.

Using note degradation protection means that when a physical attack on an ATM is detected, the cash is indelibly stained, thereby greatly reducing its value which will in turn serve to deter the attack in the first place. Criminals are even further discouraged by the use of a forensic tracking solution using Rare Earth elements. 

These modular ATM cash protection solutions are available for all major ATM manufacturers including:

In addition to ATMs OCP cash protection technology is used in a wide range of applications including CIT and Retail, wherever there is a need to secure cash.

Oberthur Cash Protection

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Production Facility
3 bis rue du docteur Quignard
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Email: [email protected]
Twitter: twitter.com/OberthurCP
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/oberthur-cash-protection

For more information on OCP, please visit our website at: http://www.oberthurcp.com/en

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Products & Services

ATM Solutions

The IBNS solutions from OCP are designed to provide protection to a wide range of ATMs from all types of physical attacks including:

ATM Solutions
  • Ram Raids
  • Explosive Attacks
  • Hook and Chain
  • Grinding
  • Duress

These systems are designed to be both modular and flexible so as to meet the requirements of our clients, including providing protection at the ATM during engineer service or cash replenishment until the cash arrives at the Cash Centre.

CIT Solutions

The CIT Solutions are designed to provide cash-in-transit (CIT), companies with effective, safe and affordable services to their customers.

Oberthur Cash Protection solutions are designed for use from the ATM, across the pavement to the cash centre with both armoured and soft-skin vehicles.

CIT Solutions

Retail Solutions

Oberthur Cash Protection Retail Solutions deliver cash protection in a wide range of retail environments from ticket vending machines to cash deposit safes.

Retail Solutions

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