Training Courses
Training Courses

Customer Service Representative Sessions

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Session Session Time
Adhere to all Policies and Procedures 10 minutes
Notify Management of any Non-Compliance Issues 10 minutes
Customer Service
Session Session Time
Solve and Report Customer ATM Issues 10 minutes
Employee Training and Supervision
Session Session Time
Train New Operational Staff and Answer Staff Questions 10 minutes
Human Resources
Session Session Time
Recommend Skills and Qualifications for ATM Operations, Support Positions 10 minutes
Implementation and Maintenance
Session Session Time
Accurately Install All Components of the ATM 10 minutes
Communicate with Other Vendors as Needed to Finalize Installation and Setup 10 minutes
Implementing and Maintaining Correct ATM Anchoring 10 minutes
Know the Process for Documenting Activities and Installations 10 minutes
Know the Steps to Perform New ATM Installations 10 minutes
Know the Steps To Perform Preventive Maintenance 10 minutes
Perform ATM Maintenance and Repairs in Accordance with Safety and Security Procedures 10 minutes
Setting up an ATM on a Client Network 10 minutes
Problem Management
Session Session Time
Escalate ATM Problems to the Appropriate Parties 10 minutes
Know How to Respond, Resolve and Escalate ATM Problems 10 minutes
Know How to Successfully Utilize Testing Equipment 10 minutes
Know the Process for Reporting ATM Problems 10 minutes
Know the Steps for Diagnosing Malfunctioning ATMs 10 minutes
Understanding Error Codes and Troubleshooting Problems 10 minutes
Product Knowledge
Session Session Time
General Knowledge of the Global ATM Business 10 minutes
Understand Various ATM Products and Manufacturers 10 minutes
Working Knowledge of All Operating Standards, Practices and Procedures 10 minutes
Systems and Software
Session Session Time
Fault-Finding Techniques 10 minutes
In Depth Knowledge of Basic ATM Components and Functions 10 minutes
Know How to Implement Required System Upgrades 10 minutes
Knowledge of ATM Software and Hardware 10 minutes
Knowledge of Basic ATM Workflow 10 minutes
Understand Various Networking Capabilities 10 minutes

ATMIA's online training courses are based on the common global industry practices and principles of the across all markets. ATM terminology, policies, procedures, systems and more may differ from country to country, market to market. ATMIA tries its best to use standardized industry terminology and business practices in its training courses, but is unable to cover all the variants in place across the globe for each and every aspect of the ATM transaction flow and management of installed ATMs.

In addition to mastering generic industry best practices for ATM operations via ATMIA Academy training, it's important to take into account local and national market conditions. ATMIA endorsed consultants can assist ATM operators in understanding local, regional and national markets.

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