Training Courses
Training Courses

ATM Balancing Clerk Sessions

Welcome to the ATM Balancing Clerk sessions. Select a session below to view details and the estimated time required to complete the session. Members, log in to view your completion status and history

Business Process Management
Session Session Time
Be Able to Address and Resolve Procedural Issues Relative to ATM Balancing 10 minutes
Cash Management
Session Session Time
Assist in Providing an Understanding of the Importance of Balancing 10 minutes
Identify Cash Shortages and Surpluses and Inform Stakeholders 10 minutes
Know the Steps for Processing Interim Totals 10 minutes
Provide a Balancing Report at a Frequency Determined by the Bank/IAD 10 minutes
Session Session Time
Adhere to all Policies and Procedures 10 minutes
Notify Management of any Non-Compliance Issues 10 minutes
Customer Service
Session Session Time
Adhere to All Policies and Procedures Regarding Balancing and Customer Query Resolution 10 minutes
Analyse and Resolve Customer Queries Within Established Timelines 10 minutes
Employee Training and Supervision
Session Session Time
Assist With Training and Mentoring of New Staff as Appropriate 10 minutes
Knowledge of ATM Staff Roles 10 minutes
Session Session Time
Basic Understanding of Accounting Practices 10 minutes
Understanding the Various General Ledger Accounts and Processing Entries 10 minutes
Negotiation Skills
Session Session Time
Effective Negotiation With Internal and External Customers 10 minutes
Planning Skills
Session Session Time
Daily Planning and Coordination of Balancing Reports 10 minutes
Problem Management
Session Session Time
Know the Process for Reporting ATM Problems 10 minutes
Procedural Knowledge
Session Session Time
Know the Steps for Collecting and Processing ATM Deposits 10 minutes
Know the Steps for Collecting and Processing Captured Cards 10 minutes
Understand the Balancing Process 10 minutes
Understand the Process of Customer Query Resolution 10 minutes
Product Knowledge
Session Session Time
General Knowledge of the Global ATM Business 10 minutes
Understand the Various Functionality Available on the ATM 10 minutes
Working Knowledge of All Operating Standards, Practices and Procedures 10 minutes
Session Session Time
Create and Deliver Reports to Management 10 minutes
Provide Consolidated Balancing and other Related Reports 10 minutes
Systems and Software
Session Session Time
Knowledge of Systems Used to Conduct Balancing 10 minutes

Terminology for the ATM business differs from country to country, and market to market, and ATMIA is unable to cover all the different terms used across the world for each and every aspect of the ATM transaction flow and management of installed ATMs.

In addition, there are different practices, procedures and systems in different markets. ATMIA's online training for ATM operators has based its job-specific training sessions on the common denominators, the core principles of the ATM business across all markets, since the industry is, after all, a "global village".

In addition to mastering the generic industry best practices for ATM operations, it's important for ATM operators to take into account their local and national market conditions. Please see ATMIA endorsed consultants who can assist ATM operators in understanding local, regional and national markets.

France - Veronique Delsalle
USA - Susan Matt
UK - Debbie Smyth

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