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Why banks need to rethink their approach to the cloud

Author(s): Auriga
Publication date: March 7, 2018

Over the past 20 years, banks have been brought into the digital era, through services like internet banking and mobile banking. One of the driving factors that enabled banks to embrace internet banking so successfully was the ground-up approach to designing these services. They were able to build agile, effective offerings that have won widescale  customer acceptance and trust.  Moving such services to a cloud is now a smaller step for consumers to accept.


While key banking channels that are hugely important to customer engagement are nearly all in the cloud, the ATM has been left relatively untouched by cloud technologies and locked away from the potential benefits. With increased pressure for banking to become even more customer-centric and agile, this omission is something that banks need to address as a priority. To deliver improvements in the quality of service to customers, banks need to rethink how they run their ATM channel and associated managed services via the cloud.


This article discusses the challenges and opportunities of using the cloud to improve ATM customer services.

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