Open Positions
Open Positions

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Reporting to the Board of Directors
Start Date: 20th June, 2022
$125,000-$135,000 p.a. depending on experience and to be reviewed after completion of six month probation period

Do you tick these ten boxes?

Top Ten Personal Requirements for CEO of ATMIA

  • Diplomatic, non-abrasive in personal style and approach with a recognizable human touch
  • Strong interpersonal & networking skills
  • Significant international industry experience
  • Strong written & verbal communication skills
  • Strong financial management skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Proven integrity, ethics & professionalism
  • High work rate, i.e., excellent work ethic
  • Experienced in running a home-based remote office
  • Supports multiculturalism

Can you lead ATMIA into a new future?

ATMIA Mission Statement

The mission of ATMIA is to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide; to protect the ATM industry's assets, interests, good name and public trust; and to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations.

ATMIA Brand Persona

Creativity - Seeking solutions and innovations
Quality - Commitment to standards and professionalism
Technology-driven - Focusing on ATM technology developments
Integrity - Excellence in business ethics
Humanity - Building relationships with peers, members and customers

Are you the person who can fit in with, and progress, the Mission and Brand Persona of ATMIA?

Check out the Job Specs below, then apply by sending your CV and 2 references to the CEO Search Committee.

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Job Specifications

Chief Executive Officer

Reporting to the Board of Directors

Start Date: 20th June, 2022

$125,000 - $135,000 p.a. depending on experience
and to be reviewed after completion of six month probation period

Job Specifications

Key Success Area 1 Strategic Leadership [25% of workload]

In service of the long-term 2050 vision1 of ATMIA, maintain a proactive, future-directed orientation for the association to ensure the relevance of both the ATM in society and of ATMIA as the industry's only global not-for-profit, member-centric trade association

1.1 Encourage innovation in the industry through annual awards and other forms of recognition, such as in posts, press releases, etc.
1.2 Chair the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs and its various committees and working groups, including the Certification Authority Board (CAB), each with quarterly meetings
1.3 Build up data for the metrics for measuring progress of industry towards the 2050 vision
1.4 Consult with Board of Directors at meetings on the association’s responsiveness to important issues of the day
1.5 Conduct and analyse annual Member surveys to identify views of members on staying relevant to the industry’s changing needs and driving forces
1.6 Oversee, in collaboration with the Director of Membership Experience, the management of the worldwide membership of ATMIA for growth and continuous delivery of member value

Key Success Area 2 Industry Advocacy [25% of workload]

Identify and respond to the most important current advocacy issues affecting member companies, in consultation with the various regional advisory boards and Government Relations Committees (GRCs)

2.1 Oversee outsourced regulatory monitoring services and monitor the alerts and information on pending legislation, in collaboration with the relevant Executive Director
2.2 Attend regional advisory board meetings, as well as GRC meetings, and build up consensus positions with members on most pressing issues
2.3 Include questions about current advocacy issues in annual member survey
2.4 For each crucial issue identified, decide on the most appropriate method for an industry response, whether position paper, industry survey, letter to the regulators or in-person meetings with the relevant authorities
2.5 Liaise with ATMIA-endorsed consultants, where appropriate, for advice or research on any given issue
2.6 Advocate tirelessly for the ATM and cash sectors of the industry
2.7 Be true to ATMIA’s mission, values, by-laws and policies to lead by example

Key Success Area 3 Team & Office Management [20% of workload]

Managing the staff of ATMIA to maintain high morale and to stay on target for quarterly and annual budget targets; whilst running an orderly and cost-efficient remote home-based office, with timely submission of expense reports and Activity Reports

3.1 Manage meetings with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee
3.2 Hold regular Team Talks with staff (and manage staff reporting to CEO)
3.3 Collate and send three annual Staff Activity Reports to Board of Directors
3.4 Management of the organisation’s finances through chairing the Finance Team and consulting regularly with the Finance Manager and Director of Conferences and Sponsorship, including on annual budgets and on-going expense management
3.5 Submit timely monthly expense reports to the Finance Manager, including any copies of proofs of payment, receipts, etc, as well as notice of vacation, sick leave and time off
3.6 Ensure the technology of the home-based office is updated as required by the IT Director and maintain good back-up files and security checks for software
3.7 In office management and in daily work, abide by the Policies and Procedures Manual of ATMIA

Key Success Area 4 Annual Industry Education & Events [30% of workload]

Oversee the production of annual market fresh industry content, based on professional research, for use in reports, best practices, white papers and blogs, while actively furthering the success of all ATMIA's annual conferences by ensuring the product, or speaker agenda, is top quality for the marketing of the event

4.1 Commission and oversee annual research projects, in consultation with ATMIA-endorsed consultants, to produce timely and relevant industry reports for sale (with member discounts)
4.2 Commission and oversee annual best practices and/or updates to existing best practices in the online library
4.3 Keep material fresh in online Market Intelligence Library
4.4 Commission and oversee quarterly webinars on current industry topics
4.5 Liaise with Director of Conferences on annual industry events and assist where appropriate with the speaker agendas, including relevant industry topics, and acquisition of speakers
4.6 Chair or co-chair annual events, where appropriate, in consultation with the Director of Conferences
4.7 Pass on referrals for sponsors and exhibiters, including contact details, to the Director of Conferences

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1 “Believing in the power and convenience of self-service technology, and in the longevity and inclusivity of cash, we commit our industry to the goal of ensuring that the ATM remains a resilient, relevant and high-value global channel up to 2050 and beyond.”

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