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About Atmia

ATMIA today announced the establishment of new global security awards for the industry

Monday, October 16, 2017

by ATM Industry Association

ATMIA today announced the establishment of new global security awards for the industry. The award categories are as follows: ATM Physical Security Excellence Award, Cash Security Excellence Award, Cash in Transit Excellence Award, ATM Cyber Security Excellence Award, ATM Security Innovation Award and the Next Generation ATM Security Award. Winners will receive their awards at ATMIA’s 18th annual security conference, ATM Customer Experience & Security Summit (ACESS) which takes place 12-13 June, 2018 at the Royal Lancaster in London.


“ATMIA will honour security excellence through these industry awards,” explained CEO, Mike Lee. “Along with the association’s immensely popular global project for next generation ATMs, these awards will showcase just how much our industry focuses on maintaining customer trust and securing our great technologies for the next 25 years.”


The winners will receive their global awards at a special luncheon ceremony during ATM Customer Experience & Security Summit (ACESS). Nominations and applications may be filled in online at the conference website. Click Here To Submit an Application


“ATMIA is working with leading UK criminologist, Professor Martin Gill, to inject new levels of security excellence into our industry, and these awards will reward those companies which are taking a step forward to reinforce E2E security in our industry,” Lee concluded.


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