BITCOVAULT and SECURECASH announce Partnership to provide a One-Stop Solution to Bitcoin ATMs Operators - March 08, 2022

BITCOVAULT and SECURECASH announce Partnership to provide a One-Stop Solution to Bitcoin ATMs Operators

Tuesday, March 08, 2022


BITCOVAULT a global fintech company that provides hardware and software to any Bitcoin Operator to offer Multiple Cryptocurrencies to customers on a single platform with the option to add any coin or token announced today, it has formed an exclusive partnership with Secure Cash, enabling Bitcoin Operators with Unlimited Cash to crypto services nationwide.  

Through the Partnership, BITCOVAULT Customers can rely on Secure Cash to offer a Nationwide armored cash logistics network without worrying about having a Bank account for their customers while they focus entirely on their growth.

"We are looking forward to working with the exciting team at SECURECASH by offering this one- stop-shop solution for any aspiring Bitcoin Operators," said Anil Khanna, BITCOVAULT's C.C.O BITCOVAULT, a Bitcoin ATMs manufacturer supported by proprietary software running on these ATMs with no outside third-party support, provides complete control of the software (adjust your Fees and ROI) per client's needs and market demand. Terminals support the latest innovations in BTM Kiosk Industry in the cryptocurrency landscape encompassing all AML and KYC Regulations, allowing virtually all components to be covered for BTM operators with an option of white label solution.

"BITCOVAULT and SECURE CASH are a Perfect fit for all B2B customers which can rely on COVAULT's extensive full-service platform to offer OTC Trading and own crypto wallet," said Oleg Zyryanov, CEO of BITCOVAULT

BITCOVAULT'S crypto ATMs software is based on Linux. It can be engineered to work on almost any existing manufacturer's hardware or swap with minimal changes. It provides complete control per client's needs and market demands and supports the latest virtual currency ATM landscape innovations.

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SecureCash LLC is the first armored car company in the US to offer banking solutions for crypto BTM operators. Our exclusive relationship with our banking partner and nationwide armored car service providers helped us to roll out this robust program for crypto BTM operators.

SecureCash LLC offers deposit pickup service by licensed armorer carriers utilizing our Nationwide network (where permitted by state and local law) who will extract, count, verify and prepare funds for deposit and posting to the Secure Cash Crypto bank account. SecureCash will then return Crypto BTC, less a cash processing fee, to the operator's BTC wallet. SecureCash has no limits or restrictions on the dollar amounts shipped. Customers needs to be approved SecureCash compliance team before any deposits can be transmitted.

SecureCash LLC also provides traditional CIT, ATM, and currency processing services to customers throughout the US.

SecureCash LLC's Partnership with BITCOVAULT helps us provide one-stop solutions for crypto operators.

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