CORD Financial Services Dramatically reduces workload with technology upgrade to Morphis, Inc. Software

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Company: Morphis Inc.

CORD Financial Services announces the transition from their legacy ATM management system to MorphisCSM (Cash & Service Center Management) earlier this year. This change has allowed CORD Financial to dramatically reduce workloads for internal operations and extend real-time reporting and information directly to their distributors and customers. 

"First and foremost, I want to thank the CORD Team and the folks at Morphis for powering through to get this done. MorphisCSM represents a big step forward in the utilization of data to streamline our operations," said Kenneth Gilbert, President of CORD Financial.

MorphisCSM enables CORD Financial to maintain a finely detailed end-to-end view of their currency supply chain. In addition to tracking the physical location of currency, the software also forecasts future demand for currency.

For the automation of ATM operations, MorphisCSM cash management is the gold standard in single database solutions for any size ATM estate. MorphisCSM forecasting algorithms, coupled with its rules-based cash fulfillment methodologies, accurately determine the optimal load quantity and load schedule for each ATM.

AJ Fizell, Controller at CORD Financial, said, "The benefit to our cash management operations was instantaneous. Morphis reduced the many hours we spent daily on cash management for both our Operations and our Accounting Teams."

Zach Buchanan, VP of Operations, said, "Efficiency—there's a lot under that umbrella. It's not just the cash management folks; everyone at multi-touchpoints realized a significant operational boost. That said, I'm more excited about the boost this will give our customers as we roll out more tools."

Please join Morphis, Inc. next week as we unveil new dashboards, discuss the cash-in industry and shwocase some of the ways we are reducing manual workload for our clients on our latest Free Webinar.

Details for the Webinar are below:

Thursday September 9, 2021
Time: 10 AM (CST)
Host: Trent Pratt & Alif Rahman
Duration: 45 mins
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About Cord Financial Services:

In 2001, CORD Financial Services was founded by The Fikes Companies. With a small staff and hard work, CORD Financial quickly gained success in Central Texas. CORD Financial Services is now an award-winning ATM Independent Sales Organization (ISO) through steady growth in every year of its operations. The company is recognized for excellence in providing various ATM Services such as full-service ATM placements, cash management, transaction processing, merchant services, ATM Sales, Parts Sales, and outstanding 24/7 customer and technical support. With offices in Temple, TX, Meridian, MS, West Palm Beach, FL, and Clearwater, FL, CORD Financial Services is proud to be your ultimate resource for your ATM and merchant service needs.

About Morphis, Inc.

Morphis, Inc. was founded in 1999 and has become the world’s leading supplier of payment systems and currency supply chain management software. Central banks, depository institutions, card issuers, armored carrier companies, BTM operators and many other companies in the consumer financial services sector use Morphis products daily. By utilizing proprietary technology, Morphis provides cutting edge, on-demand analytics, and fulfillment logistics, delivering efficient, robust solutions for enterprise cash management. Their software suite includes a customer relationship management platform; applications for cash forecasting, logistics optimization, and financial reporting; and tools for managing assets, vendors, contracts, and service tickets. Their customers have a choice of on-site licensing or SaaS licensing, ideal for larger clients, and web-based applications for small businesses.

To learn more about Morphis and the services they offer for cash-in-transit and similar businesses, visit us at, or contact Trent Pratt, Regional Sales Manager at 214 803 1122 or [email protected]

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