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No More Business Rates On UK ATMs!

Friday, November 09, 2018

by Ron Delnevo

Wonderful news from the UK!

After a battle which has lasted 15 years, the UK Courts have finally ruled that ATMs - and cash - cannot be taxed by the application of Business Rates.

I had my first meeting with the Valuation Office Agency on this subject in 2003. 

Since then there have been a succession of meetings with the Agency - and numerous government ministers - all aimed at persuading them to act in the Public Interest.

They never have.

You can read this story in the Daily Mail to realise the total folly of taxing ATMs


and this article from the BBC, announcing this great win for ATMs and cash - and, most important of all, the British Public!


Well done to all who have never given up the fight against this unfair imposition on ATMs!

This decision opens the way to more ATMs being installed in the UK to meet the continuing high public demand for cash.

It should also galvanise Card Issuers to implement the LINK Universal Cash Deposit transaction, allowing the public and businesses to deposit cash at ANY ATM. 

With bank branches gone, Smart ATMs are VITAL to everyone who cares about Customer Service and Financial Inclusion!

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