Update from Erika Navarrete – January 2023 - January 18, 2023

Update from Erika Navarrete – January 2023

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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by Erika Navarrete

As we say hello to 2023, this year’s first newsletter will be full of new and exciting information. I've been promoted to Executive Director of Europe and Emerging Markets, as many of you may know, and I'm currently in the process of implementing changes to the regions.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to your industry association as well as the industry we serve. Your support is deeply valued, as this enables ATMIA to continue to work on behalf of our members. We best serve this industry by reinforcing its protections, advocating for cash usage and future proofing its systems. Our members are an integral part of everything we do.

One of the changes for the regions is all the Board members from these regions will now have a chance to meet four times a year over a conference line and once in-person at our conference in Europe. Please be sure to actively participate in all these meetings.

A handful of the conference streams at our Europe event in October will be devoted to our emerging markets. This will offer our members from various regions the ability to talk about their issues as well as present and speak on subjects that might benefit us all. If you are interested in attending the EMEA and Emerging Markets conference, do get in touch with me.

In addition, we will also recommence our Advocacy column within this newsletter. Please don't hesitate to send any issues you are keen for us to address in the column.

All that remains from me is to welcome you all to 2023 and a brand-new year to re-vamp, refresh, revitalise and be recognised.

Best regards,
Erika Navarrete

Executive Director, Europe and Emerging Markets

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