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The ATM Uptime Service Leader

Farm Fresh Grocery Stores. Wachovia Bank. Dillard's Department Stores. Major fortune 500 companies are partnering with ATM USA. The kind of companies that value ATM Uptime and service.

As a nationally recognized and trusted partner of high-quality ATM equipment and related services, ATM USA helps large organizations gain visibility, ensures positive brand experiences and even helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses while delivering convenience to their customers.

A tradition of service. And uptime.

A good business relationship is built upon mutual respect and above all, trust. Having spent twelve years as a trusted partner in the ATM industry, ATM USA has learned the value of establishing trust and building personal relationships with executives, and business owners across many industries. From banks and credit unions to major retailers.

Uptime is everything.

ATM USA was created in response to the needs of companies and organizations just like yours. Places that need ATMs that stay up and running and provide positive customer experiences. Your name depends on it. And so does ours.

ATM USA was founded in 1998 to provide the ATM marketplace with a truly full-service ATM program that helps companies and organizations maximize their internal resources as well as profits.

Thanks to you, ATM USA is among the leaders in ATM placements in the U.S. And we look forward to remaining a trusted source for ATM products and services for many, many years to come. As your partner in ATM uptime.


2200 Gateway Centre Blvd. 
Suite 220 
Morrisville, NC 27560

Phone: 919-469-5856 
Fax: 919-469-4597

Sales: 1-800-550-5087

[email protected]

Products & Services

Processing Services

ATM USA Processing Service is all about uptime.

ATM USA has a passion for Uptime and we consistently deliver industry leading Uptime results.

With ATM USA Processing Service, you’ll get:

  • Performance Monitoring—Enjoy 24/7/365 oversight of your ATMs’ performance. That includes switch and telecommunication functions. Your ATMs will be up, and your users will have uninterrupted access.
  • Transaction Trafficking—Efficient and safe routing of transactions is critical to your ATM USA experience. You can count on exceptional uptime with secure, fast ATM network routing services.
  • Network Connections—You’ll be securely plugged into every major local and national ATM network and card association. That’ll provide your ATM users better access to their money, and you with a better opportunity to profit on the transaction.
  • Vault Cash Management—Low cash levels can cause unplanned ATM downtime. That can cost you profits and even cause a frustrating experience for your customers. This service provides real time monitoring of ATM cash status to help ensure levels never get too low.
  • Service Console—If you process with ATM USA we give you remote access to SC and also text and email alerts to help you manage your ATMs better for better Uptime.

Prevent unplanned ATM downtime.

The Uptime Service Console is just one of the ATM innovations that ATM USA uses to help ensure ATM uptime. This service console helps find, isolate, identify and fix problems before anyone else even knows there’s a problem. Plus, it monitors cash levels. And more. It’s what lets us make you the Uptime Guarantee.

Purchasing Services

Products and Technologies. Or shopping for uptime.

To keep your shoppers or guests or attendees satisfied, ATM uptime, cutting-edge software, the latest delivery technologies and precision-crafted hardware are a great place to start. That's why ATM USA is committed to offering the latest innovations and provides only the highest quality machines wholesale from top manufacturers, including NCR, Nautilus Hyosung and Triton.

Reliability and uptime go hand in hand.

You'll choose from select systems that meet the highest standards of reliability. You'll get a processing network that is linked to virtually all regional, national and international ATM systems. Those include Star®, Plus®, Cirrus®, Accel®, Maestro®, MAC®, NYCE®, and more.

In addition, all ATM USA systems are compatible with the ATM USA Uptime Service Console. This innovative console helps find, isolate and fix ATM problems before you or your shoppers even know there is a problem.

Plus, you'll get ADA-compliant systems with Triple DES and encryption PIN pads, the standard for triple encrypting PIN numbers, and a requirement to meet current network regulations. All of this makes our machines just as safe for your customers to use as even bank machines

Unplanned downtime can cost you more than profits.

Unhappy shoppers don't care that even the most exceptional ATM products can go down unexpectedly sometimes. Get them up again fast. Start with ATM USA.

ATM USA partners with expert repairmen as well as maintenance specialists and offers quality ATM parts in all 50 states. And they're standing by to help get your ATM machines up and running again fast, even if you purchased your ATMs from another vendor.

ATMs are serviced on site at your convenience. Response times to a call are usually addressed within 48 hours. Faster response times are available with Service Level Agreements as fast as just two hours.

Fix it up. Get up.

Quality service every time, on time is almost as important as uptime. Get 24 hour live support at 1-877-260-2931. Seven days a week. Three hundred sixty-five days a year. After all, uptime is everything.

Merchant Processing


Unfortunately, these terms are rarely associated with credit card processing companies operating in the U.S.  ATM USA has embraced these words as our operating principles and as our pledge to you.

Our success is based on providing you with the best service at the most competitive rates. We process all major credit cards, fleet cards, pin debit cards and electronic benefit cards. We have expertise in every industry and understand that each and every client has different technology requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • PIN Debit/Credit Processing (We guarantee our rates)
  • Check Conversion / Guarantee (Eliminate your Bad Check problem)
  • Gift / Loyalty Card (One Color to Four Color Custom Cards)
  • Cash Advance (Need Cash quick, get an advance on your future credit card sales)
  • Wireless Processing (GPRS/CDMA, Way Systems, Verifone)
  • E-commerce / Gateway & Shopping Cart (Simple Integration or full API, Recurring Billing, Electronic Check)
  • POS Systems (Compatible with almost all POS Software)
  • Discounts for Current ATM USA Customers
  • Remote Deposit Capture (Deposit your paper checks Electronically)

Please call the payment experts at ATM USA today and find out how you can start saving money on your payment processing and also start generating new revenue streams for your business.

White Papers

Press Releases / Blog Posts

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