ATMIA Consulting & Training

Our team of experienced experts in all areas of the ATM and payments sectors are available to assist your business in addressing a wide range of issues, problems and challenges.

The objectives of the ATMIA Consulting and Training program are:

  • To provide independent expert consulting and training services to organizations in the ATM, self-service and EFT payments space
  • To further the sharing of best practices, governance principles, information,methodologies and models throughout the industry
  • To build up a resource center of industry best practices, case studies, business models, research, methodologies as part of a growing knowledge base for these industries, supporting knowledge management in the industry
  • To facilitate industry research projects
  • To facilitate collaboration and networking across different industry sectors to solve collective problems and address common issues
  • To abide by the mission and values of ATMIA

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Products & Services

ATMIA Consultants provides expertise that covers a wide range of services for the industry. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Legal & Corporate Governance
  • Training
  • Security & Encryption
  • Marketing, PR, Communications & Research
  • Business Management & Service Delivery
  • Technology

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We look forward to serving you.

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