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Diebold Nixdorf is the world leader in connected commerce, providing best-in-class consumer touchpoints that support the “always on” automation needs of the financial industry. We’re shaping the future of transactions with a services-led, software-enabled approach that is supported by cutting-edge technology.

Our solutions address your current-state challenges and help you get to where you want to be in the future. From comprehensive cash-cycle management to omnichannel experiences and transformation initiatives, our scale, strength and flexibility will help your organization reach its strategic goals.

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Diebold Nixdorf
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Products and Services

Strategies to Drive Growth

Strategies to Drive Growth

At Diebold Nixdorf, our research and development focuses on the challenges faced in today’s rapidly changing business environment – while monitoring the emerging trends that will affect your business down the road.

We know that every organization is different. That’s why our key strategic initiatives are designed to help you wherever you are on your transformation journey. You need to grow revenue, drive efficiencies and reinvent your business; we’ll partner with you to find the solution that’s right for your organization’s unique goals and priorities:

  • Branch Transformation: We provide our customers with solutions and global expertise to deliver the consumer experiences that drive revenue and growth while making the branch network more efficient and differentiated.
  • Consumer-Centric Experience: Change the way consumers experience your brand and create the anytime, anywhere, any touchpoint experience your consumers demand. With proven strategies and a distinctive and expansive portfolio we are helping you to migrate to a consumer-centric organization and create banking services that are seamlessly integrated into your consumers’ daily lives.
  • True Cash Cycle Management: The key to smart cash processes: True cash cycle management encompasses so much more than optimizing cash-in-transit visits. Our comprehensive, end-to-end suite of cash-automation and management solutions recognizes and addresses the broad challenges faced in accurately monitoring and optimizing the cost of cash. 
  • Security: Covering everything from endpoint protection, identity and access control, to cash, data and software security and monitoring, our solutions and security experts help prevent, detect and protect against logical attacks, physical attacks and fraudulent techniques.
  • Operational Excellence: Acting as a close, collaborative partner, Diebold Nixdorf provides the process improvements, services and solutions to simplify operations, ensure availability and increase efficiency. So your organization can focus on what it does best: building and maintaining existing relationships with consumers.
  • Digital Innovations: The future lies in all things digital. We are continually building innovative solutions to transform your processes and consumer experience. Be inspired by innovations that drive the future.

Discover how we’re driving connected commerce.



With more than 150 years of experience, Diebold Nixdorf is an industry-leading provider of services that ensure the optimal performance of self-service networks, branch and IT environments solutions in decentral and central banking and retail environments. Organizations around the world rely on us to keep their self-service networks and transaction technology available, efficient, convenient, secure and compliant.

We support your organization’s strategic objectives with industry-leading services that range from analysis, consulting and installation to monitoring, maintenance and multi-vendor solutions.

Deployment & Implementation Services
Ready to use solutions, on time and on budget.

Maintenance & Availability Services
Always up and running.

Managed Services
End-to-end solutions.

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

When it comes to software, financial institutions around the world rely on Diebold Nixdorf more than any other provider. In fact, our flagship software products – multi-vendor application software and monitoring software – are running in more than 25% of the total financial self-service market.

Diebold Nixdorf software goes far beyond fulfilling a transaction at an isolated channel. With Vynamic, you have the power to connect the microcosm of a single consumer’s personal experience to the dynamic global payments ecosystem. We’ll help you deliver seamless transactions and intuitive, personalized interactions. Transform your business for the future of connected commerce. 

Vynamic Connection Points
World-leading terminal application software

Vynamic Transaction Engine
Automation tools to converge channels

Vynamic Engagement
Personalization and customization solutions

Vynamic Management & Security
End-to-End support for your network

Vynamic Analytics
Actionable intelligence from multichannel data

Vynamic Digital
Open, future-proof solutions for the modern era

Self-Service and Teller Automation Systems

Self-Service and Teller Automation Systems

With the largest portfolio of self-service solutions and a combined installed base of 1 million systems in more than 130 countries, Diebold Nixdorf is the clear leader in the global cash and media systems market. This position enables us to understand the needs and challenges of financial institutions today, and anticipate those of the future as we leverage our IP and expertise in the areas of media handling and security.

Our innovative transaction automation enabling solutions help transform your business model to address the emerging needs of consumers in an omnichannel world.

Find the system that fits to your specific needs:

Cash Dispensers
Ideal to fulfill basic banking needs for cash access anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Delivered in a simple, compact design through reliable and efficient components.

Intelligent Deposits
Offer customers round-the-clock, time saving, trusted convenience, while migrating the majority of routine transactions away from the teller line.

Cash Recyclers
Cutting costs by creating efficiencies in the cash cycle process through the perfected common recycling technology components found in these systems.

Teller Automation
Enabling and assisting traditional tellers to improve accuracy, cash cycle process, efficiency and human interaction to transform the branch experience.

Redefine the vitality of the branch and expand the transaction set by offering these systems to provide best-in-class account and banking services to print and scan, freeing traditional tellers to focus on other duties.

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