Customers rely on your automated teller machines (ATMs), expecting them to be available for transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The moment your ATMs go down or fail to provide the services customers expect, your business diminishes. As demand for self-service grows, pressure to meet customer expectation and deliver high availability gets complicated and expensive.  Fiserv has experience providing proven ATM and card payment solutions to more than 3,200 financial institutions and service organizations to deliver uninterrupted service to customers.

Fiserv is a global software and payments company dedicated to delivering technology and services innovation to help its clients push the boundaries of what's possible in financial services, delivering deep expertise and innovative solutions to help financial institutions, businesses and consumers move and manage money faster and with greater ease than ever before.


North America
255 Fiserv Drive
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Phone: +65 6538 9296

Latin America, Caribbean & Canada
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México DF zip.11560
Tel: +52 1 (55) 5281-4963


Products & Services

Card Solutions

Card SolutionsCard Solutions from Fiserv provide complete debit, credit, prepaid and ATM payment services to financial institutions as well as Accel®, a premier payments network. Our solutions enable you to grow your payments business. Our products, services and strategies maximize revenue, increase customer acquisition, improve retention, reduce expense, minimize risk and increase share of wallet. Fiserv can help you deploy payments strategies, products and services that can help you thrive in today's changing environment.

Card Solutions from Fiserv include: ATM Solutions, Credit & Debit Solutions, Digital Card Enablement, Fraud Risk Solutions, Loyalty & Reward Solutions, and Payment Networks.


  • Our Clients Have Seen Double Digit Growth in New Debit Card Customers
  • The Accel Network Provides Secure Anytime, Anywhere Funds and Payments Access at the Point-of-Sale, ATMs and Online
  • We Manage Tens of Thousands of ATMs with Industry Leading Uptime
  • Our Clients had Average Fraud Losses of 3.86 Basis Points in 2010, 59% Below the National Average

Explore All of Our Card Solutions>>

ATM & Branch Cash Management

ATM & Branch Cash ManagementIntegrated Currency Manager helps financial institutions, and any organization managing ATM, branch, or vault cash points, streamline operations using advanced cash forecasting and transportation analysis to optimize cash supply chains and reduce total cost by 20 to 40%.

Integrated Currency Manager uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically forecast customer demand to create accurate order and shipment recommendations for any cash point type, including ATMs, branches, and vaults. The system optimizes the cash supply chain and streamlines processes to deliver high service levels at the lowest cost.


  • Reduce  Balances and Transportation Expense
  • Streamline Cash Operations
  • Enterprise Control and Visibility
  • Automate Forecasting and Planning
  • Increase Cash Availability
  • Flexible Reporting and Analytics to Manage Performance

Find Out More about Integrated Currency Manager>>

ATM & Self Service Device Management

ATM & Self Service Device ManagementDevice Manager from Fiserv is an independent, event-driven incident management system that receives, analyzes, responds to and manages critical self-service device information, supporting for all device types, including ATMs, kiosks, self-service devices, Teller Cash devices and POS devices, from any vendor. Using real-time diagnostics from any type or make of device, the system determines a resolution plan, automatically prioritizing and dispatching to service providers based on configurable business rules. It is designed to make real-time management of large networks of self-service devices easier and simpler.

Device Manager optimizes your Incident resolution processes by ensuring that best resolution plan for every issue is implemented for your Devices. Whether that’s automated remote resolution, a service vendor or an in-house team, Device Manager ensures they are working the issue and tracks their progress against contracts through the life of the issue. With flexible incident routing, real-time tracking of service contract SLAs and automated escalation plans, lengthy outages are a thing of the past. 


  • Increase Availability and Vendor Performance
  • Centralize Data and Reporting
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Increase Help Desk Efficiency
  • Remote Management to Reduce Onsite Service Calls
  • Automatic Dispatch and Escalation

Learn More about Device Manager >>

Full Service ATM Management

Full Service ATM ManagementIn addition to basic transactions like cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, we can also help provide more conveniences for your customers. There are a number of features your ATM service can offer, including: Bilingual screens, No-envelope deposits, Stamp purchases, PIN changes, and 24x7 monitoring tools.

ATM Solutions from Fiserv includes additional value-added components like support to ATM marketing campaigns and providing complete surcharging flexibility and ATM access to your institution via dial-up, direct connection and wireless. We also provide ATM service components, including device driving, advanced monitoring, transaction authorization, network gateway access, network switching, settlement and first-line vendor and dispatch. 


  • Conduct Anytime, Anywhere Transactions Remotely
  • Leverage Network Memberships
  • Have Support for all Device Types
  • Extend Your Brand Reach
  • Deliver Cost-Effective Services 24/7
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships by Expanding Ease of Accessibility

Discover the Best ATM Solution for You>>

Payment System Switch

Payment System SwitchPOSH from Fiserv is an independent payment switch, providing processing services to ATM and POS networks. The network uses the “white-label” distribution model with over 200 active IADs. POSH is available to internationally-based customers and provides financial institutions and organizations with the secure, reliable solution they need to handle complex transaction processing.

POSH is fully equipped, meeting all regulatory and audit requirements for security, privacy and operational integrity. Our services include settlement and reconciliation services, transaction integrity management/reporting an advanced monitoring and information services to guarantee the highest possible availability and return on investment in the terminal assets. 


  • Gain the Flexibility to Acquire, Process, Clear, and Settle Credit and Debit Card Payment Transactions from any Touch Point Across any Network
  • Improve Reliability with Real-Time Authorizations and Guaranteed 100% Availability
  • Speed Time to Market by Easily Adding ATMs or POS Device Terminals with no Downtime
  • Grow Market Share by Offering Multi-Currency Dispensing, Kiosk Functionality, Couponing and Value-Added Card Products

Learn More about POSH from Fiserv>>

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