GRGBanking - A Leading AI Solutions Provider

GRGBanking is a well-known and top provider in financial self-service industry, and aims to become a leading AI solution provider in the world with its innovative technologies and solutions.

GRGBanking was founded in Guangzhou, China in 1999, and was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange market in 2007. Since 2008, GRGBanking was the No.1 ATM supplier in China, and now GRGBanking is the TOP 3 vendor in financial self-service industry in the world with more than 300,000 equipments deployed in over 80 countries.

GRGBanking provides abundant series of hardware and software products including ATM, cash recycler, cash depositor, cash sorter and branch transformation solutions. GRGBanking also strategically invests into R&D of key AI technologies, such as biometrics identification, big data analysis and blockchain, etc. GRGBanking AI solutions are focused in 4 areas: Intelligent Finance, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Security and Convenience Retail.


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Products & Services

GRGBanking Self-service Products

GRGBanking Self-service Products
  • Cash Dispenser
  • Cash Recycling Machine
  • Full Function ATM
  • Drive-up ATM

H22N Series - Versatile Cash Dispenser

The H22N series is comprised of compact cash dispensers delivering unparalleled easy usage and maintenance. With ergonomic and scalable features for revenue-generating service, H22N series can change your ATM from a cost center to a profit center. The continuous technological innovation of GRG makes H22N series the unrivalled machines with maximum usability and availability which fit into different scenarios.

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H22V Series - Multi-function Cash Dispenser

Inheriting reliable performance and outstanding serviceability of GRG ATMs, the H22V series bulk cash dispensers are designed to optimize deployers' cost and enhance self-service satisfaction. GRGBanking's continuous innovation makes H22V series the unrivalled ATMs to meet the diverse and dynamic market requirements.

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H68N-002 Series - Versatile Cash Recycler

The H68N-002 series is comprised of cutting-edge cash recyclers, which shift heavy counter transactions to self-service zone. Cash recycling technology requires less cash replenishment volume, reduce cash in transit service frequency and therefore significantly cut down the TCO of ATM operation for banks. Designed for large volume cash processing capability, the scalable configuration of H68N-002 series enables the machines to provide more value-added services to customers, such as currency exchange, bill payment, card dispensing, coin dispensing as well as biometric solutions.

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H68V Series - Multi-function Cash Recycler

The H68V series are new generation cash recyclers with modern appearance and large volume cash processing capacity. Their cutting-edge design, high reliability, wide scalability make them a perfect fit in various scenarios. The optional note auditing functionality of H68V series can realize more efficient and precise cash management to reduce your TCO.

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H34N Series - Full Function Automated Teller Machine

GRGBanking’s full function ATMs offer you unparalleled performance and flexibility, with rich functionalities including high-capacity banknote dispensing, intelligent cash and check deposit, envelope deposit, barcode scanning, statement printing, and other value-added functionalities. Not only does it carry out self-service transactions that are popular today, but the series also has a modular design that makes it easy for your any future upgrade. The H34N series is your smart choice of full function ATMs that will help you hit your targets and achieve greater success.

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i21 - Entry Level Cash Dispenser

i21 is a polished and ergonomic cash dispenser that offers high performance with ultra-low investment.i21 is not only a super-compact facility that perfectly fit in retail environment, but also a reliable ATM to comply with banking level requirements, including security features such as EMV, PCI EPP, UL, 3DES, ADA, etc. Wide value-added service extension and high visibility also make i21 an ideal choice for IAD venues.

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H48ND Series - Full Function Island Drive-up ATM

The H48ND is a full-function drive-up ATM in an island style designed to cope with all weather conditions. It offers cash withdrawal, bundle cash and check deposit as well as a broad range of other services, such as funds transfer, bill payment, statement printing, envelope depositing, etc. With compact transaction area, large screen and short reach, H48ND is an ideal solution for your demand of drive-up banking, delivering great consumer usability across a wide range of vehicles.

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GRGBanking Retail & Branch Transformation Solutions

GRGBanking Retail & Branch Products
  • Teller Assist Unit
  • Intelligent Deposit Machine
  • Branch Transformation solutions
  • Sorting Machine
  • Night Safe

P2600 - High Speed Cash Deposit Machine

P2600 is one compact machine for managing the retailing deposit process, including banknote validation, counting and storage to create the convenient and safe environments for customer satisfaction. The benefits of using P2600 become recognized and indispensable. The intelligent technology ensures to deliver an easy and safe banknote storage and transportation, whereas compact design requires little space to accommodate various functions.
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P2800L - Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine

P2800L is comprised of high speed and large capacity cash deposit machines with state of the art technologies like banknote validation, sorting, and serial number tracking. P2800L is the ideal solution for retail back office deposit, bank branch teller automation and CIT resource optimization. P2800L can be applied in any scenario with big volume cash transactions delivering more efficient and secure service.
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i58 - Compact Cash Recycler

i58 Cash Recycler is a newly designed Cash Recycler developed by GRGBanking. Featured with cost effectiveness, easy-maintenance, high-security, improved stability by using brand-new Cash Processing Module, i58 meets various cash processing demands by enhancing human-computer interaction and user experience.
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H90 Series - Night Safe

The H90/L is a night safe providing secure storage services, through the provision of deposit package. It can be used by customers to store their currency, checks, documents, jewelries and other precious articles. It offers around-the-clock services in branches or at off-premises places such as airports, subway stations and shops.
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VTM Series - Video Teller Machine

VTM is a pioneering banking channel solution that leverages video conferencing technology to integrate the merits of self-service and counter service, providing full range banking experience with smaller footprint.

With its versatile modular design, VTM enables migration of complex counter services and customized financial consulting services to the self-service terminal. Over 95% of counter services are available on VTM, thus it can be utilized for branch transformation or teller-less branch, allowing customers to do almost all of their banking business via real-time video interaction and guidance of remote teller.
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I64A - Smart Teller Machine

I64A is an intelligent banking terminal designed to ensure easy and seamless migration of multiple banking counter businesses to customer self-service, assisted self-service and remote assistance channels. I64A enables migration of complex counter services and customized financial consulting services to the self-service terminals increasing the efficiency of the counter business, optimizing user experience and cutting operational costs.
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I61M - Smart Kiosk

For customers nowadays it's very important to have as many interactive points to communicate to Financial Institution as possible. At the same time, these interactive points can provide not only communication services but much more: access to account information, latest news, personal offers, cashless payment capabilities, etc. With new I61M smart kiosk from GRG Banking, Financial Institutions can stop worry about setting up interactive touch points. I61M provides a quick and easy way to satisfy customer needs while improving your brand recognition and customer experience.
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P5800L - Bulk Cash recycler

P5800L is a compact size cash recycling solution, which enables flexible settings of deposit, withdrawal and recycling configuration. It reduces CIT cost with real time cash management and accurate authentication ability. P5800L is an ideal solution for bank branches and retailers, where heavy cash transactions take place.
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CM100V - Compact Sorting Machine

Based on the innovative cash sorting technology from GRGBanking, CM100V, the 1+1 compact Banknote Sorting Machine, is the ideal cash counting and sorting solution for CITs, banks and retailers.
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CM200V - Medium-sized Sorting Machine

Based on the innovative cash sorting technology from GRGBanking, CM200V, the intelligent Banknote Sorting Machine, is the ideal cash counting and sorting solution for CITs, banks and retailers.
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CM400 - Medium-sized Sorting Machine

GRG’s CM400 is a high performance banknote sorting machine with cutting-edge banknote detection technology to improve cash processing speed and accuracy. By utilizing CIS (Contact Image Scan) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, images of both sides of the banknote as well as the serial number can be captured and recorded.
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GRGBanking Cash & Check Processing Modules

GRGBanking Cash & Check Processing Modules
  • Cash Dispensing Module
  • Cash Accepting Module
  • Cash Recycling Module
  • Cash & Check Deposit Module

CDM6240 - Single Cash Dispenser

The single cash dispenser CDM6240 which GRGBanking possesses full independent intellectual property rights, is a high security, large capacity and intelligent CDM for retail ATM, ticket vending machine and other self-service application. It has integrated numbers of world advanced dispensing technologies, and offers high and stable performance at a very low total cost of ownership.
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CDM8240N - Cash Dispense Module

The CDM8240N bundle dispense module-the fruit of Years of research and development-is a market leading cash dispense module of which GRGBanking possesses full independent intellectual property rights. As a combination of advanced functionalities and a low cost of ownership, the CDM8240N offers superior performance and high reliability whilst it is easy to operate and maintain all this and more makes the CDM8240N an ideal solution for ATMs and other self-service application.
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CA-10 - Compact Banknote Deposit Machine

CA-10 is the ideal cash counting and deposit solution for banks, retails and CITs, also supermarket, gas station and gaming, with sorting speed 720 notes/min and counting speed 1000 notes/min.

It is featured with professional and comprehensive banknote authentication technology which supports IR, UV, magnetic, thickness detection and CIS; OCR technology, which realizes the capability of serial number tracking, serial number recorded and multi-type notes support.
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BA-08 - Cash & Ticket Acceptor

The mini single note and coupon acceptor BA08 is a precise and reliable kit for low volume transaction scenarios. With the state-of-the-art note authentication technology and cash/non-cash deposit feature, it is a reliable module for cost-effective and secure multi-media deposit.
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CRM9250 - Intelligent Cash Recycler

The CRM9250 is a GRGBanking independent developed cash recycling module. With the state-of-the-art technology CRM9250 present a very high performance, with fast cash processing speed of 8 notes/ second, large capacity of 3,000 notes per intelligent recycling cassettes plus one multifunctional cassette and flexible configuration. Furthermore the online cash sorting and counting reduce the workload of internal staff and the functionality of serial number capturing ensures the feasibility of banknote tracking. The modular design and off-line diagnosis system make the maintenance easy and fast. It’s an ideal cash processing solution which optimize cash management and minimize the Total Cost of Ownership.
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GRGBanking Software Solutions

GRGBanking Software Solutions
  • Multi-platform ATMC
  • Security & Monitoring
  • Switch & Management
  • Analysis & Optimization

eCAT - Multi-Vendor Self-Service Terminal Software Platform

In case of using vendor-dependent ATMC, it is difficult to make new types of devices go online in a short term, because it needs to connect new devices to your host system, maintain different vendors' devices and thus innovations in business is difficult in the feature. eCAT is the most flexible multi-vendor software platform for self- service terminals . With abundant and full - scale graphical development tools, it is fast and easy to be installed and integrated across multi- channel terminals. eCAT reduces cost and risk for your new services and reacts to your customer expectation in a faster way on both current and future facilities.
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FEEL View - Multi-Vendor ATM Monitoring and Management Platform

FEEL View is a multi-vendor ATM monitoring and comprehensive operation management system. With advanced functions like monitoring, remote distribution, reconciliation, ticket tracking, E-journal, OCR management and cash management, the system provides banks a centralized platform to manage branch performance and analyze resource profitability. FEEL View also can be extended to support other management functions, such as ATM asset management, repairing service management, help desk for CIT company and maintenance personnel.
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GEP - Endpoint Protection Software

GEP is a comprehensive terminal security system to secure your process, files, register and other system resources from attacking. With process control and medium access authorization, GEP is capable to protect systems from internet malware and during the outward interface transmission.
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FEEL Switch - ATM and Multi-institutional Switch System

FEEL Switch ATM Switching is a lightweight EFT switching system. It is an ideal solution for small and medium sized banks, especially in fast growing phases. In addition to the basic EFT functions, the system includes pre-build modules like e-Payment middleware and sales/vending module which enables ATM deployers to highly differentiate themselves from their competitors and quickly deploy both banking and utility payment transactions in their ATM networks.
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