Transaction Network Services (TNS Inc)

Transaction Network Services (TNS) offers a complete array of secure, reliable and flexible network connectivity and value-added services that help merchant acquirers, processors, payments innovators, retailers and financial institutions simplify complex payments infrastructures to easily conduct business anywhere in the world. 

We provide secure, mission-critical communications platforms which enable customers to confidently exchange information and handle billions of POS and ATM transactions worldwide every year. TNS operates some of the largest real-time networks in the payments industry and provides access to more than 400 acquirers, processors and banks across over 60 countries.

TNS is a Level 1 PCI DSS certified service provider.

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Products & Services

TNSLink: Wired & Wireless Remote ATM Connectivity

TNSLink is a fully managed communications solution for ATMs, POS terminals, and self-service Kiosks worldwide. TNSLink is designed to improve uptime, increase revenues, decrease costs, and simplify operations with a highly secure solution that has a proven track record in the payments industry. TNSLink features flexible connectivity, state-of-the-art technology, secure communications, service availability qualification, multiple back-up options and an online portal providing visibility across your entire estate.

TNS Secure Internet Gateway

TNS Secure Internet Gateway is a payment delivery solution for IP-based transactions. It is a payment transaction only SSL/TLS gateway offering ultra-high availability, redundant access points, 24x7x365 support and a seamless migration path for acquirers and ISOs to deliver IP transactions securely and reliably to their processing hosts.  Features include a dedicated SSL/TLS gateway, an online management reporting and configuration portal, host isolation, protocol and message conversion, and additional capabilities such as DDoS protection, terminal white/black listing, pre-shared key authentication and X.509 client authentication.

TNS Dial

TNS Dial is the payment industry’s leading, managed dial payment transaction solution designed to securely and reliably deliver transactions from all types of terminals. TNS Dial has an impressive track record in the electronic payments industry. Over the past decade, it has securely delivered billions of transactions to their destinations and has built a reputation on security and reliability second to none amongst the leading processors and acquirers in the industry. Features include specialized architecture and message handling, monitoring and reporting, high availability, and global network reach. TNS Dial can simplify operation and save money while improving resiliency and security.

Managed Point-to-Point Encryption

Eliminate ‘clear’ cardholder data from your environment and simplify your compliance requirements with TNS’ suite of fully managed end-to-end POS encryption solutions. Supporting a range of hardware solutions from major terminal providers, TNS’ Managed Point-to-Point Encryption removes cardholder data from merchant POS applications, networks and servers, and securely delivers transactions to the appropriate processor(s).

Global Wireless Access

Global Wireless Access is a wireless m2m solution for POS terminals, specifically designed for the needs of the payments industry. It combines industry-leading features, such as strongest signal SIMs, enhanced SIM management, an advanced diagnostics portal and a dedicated terminal application. With comprehensive coverage across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific region, Global Wireless Access helps to significantly simplify the deployment and management of mobile POS terminals.


TNSConnect provides secure, fully managed, resilient connectivity for the transmission of high volumes of credit, debit, gift, loyalty, eCommerce and other transaction types to leading acquirers, banks, processors and the wider payments community. Managing many connections to partners around the globe is costly and introduces multiple new risks. Additionally, trying to expand connections into new countries can be time consuming and can expose your organization to compliance risks. Utilize TNSConnect to simplify this process and expand your business faster in a more cost effective secure manner.

Transaction Network Services (TNS Inc)

Offices in US, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil and New Zealand.

Regional contacts:

Europe & UK
Mark Collins
Managing Director, FinTech, Europe
+353 186 59201

Transaction Network Services (UK) Ltd
5 Europa View
Sheffield Business Park
S9 1XH

Transaction Network Services Ireland Ltd
Suite 2, Third Floor
23 Shelbourne Road 
D04 PY68, Dublin 4

Transaction Network Services S.A.S
1 Rue Saint Georges
5th Floor
75009 Paris

Asia Pacific
Michael Johnson
Managing Director, FinTech Solutions, Asia Pacific
+61 2 9959 0831

Transaction Network Services Australia Pty Ltd
Suite 1, Level 10, Angel Place
123 Pitt Street
NSW 2000

Dan Lyman
Head of FinTech Payments, North America
+1 866 523 0661

Transaction Network Services Inc.
10740 Parkridge Boulevard, Suite 100
Virginia 20191

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Pressure Mounts on Retailer Store NetworksPressure Mounts on Retailer Store Networks

Retailers around the world are facing overwhelming pressures from multiple sources which are impacting store networks. Katherine Brown, Director of Product Management, at TNS explores the latest challenges and how retailers can use payments technology to ease this burden.

Survey Reveals Variances in US/UK ATM AttitudesSurvey Reveals Variances in US/UK ATM Attitudes

It’s more than 50 years now since the introduction of the ATM and with its proliferation around the world, the majority of consumers take these facilities for granted and many have never experienced life without this invention. TNS commissioned an independent survey of US and UK adults to find out how these cornerstones of the payments industry are now viewed in today’s dynamic world. Tiffany Trent-Abram takes us through some of the key findings.

Payments Advice for 4G Router DeploymentPayments Advice for 4G Router Deployment

Whether it’s to get ahead of the competition or being driven by the global shut down of 2G and 3G networks, the payments industry is migrating to 4G technology in growing numbers. TNS Product Manager Chris Walker is playing a pivotal role in supporting this transition for TNS customers. In this blog Chris provides some vital insights into how to overcome the most common issue when swapping in new 4G equipment – signal strength.

How Will the Payments Landscape Evolve in 2019?How Will the Payments Landscape Evolve in 2019?

Over the last few years, the variety of payment methods available has expanded dramatically, fueled by significant consumer adoption on a global level. Tiffany Trent-Abram, Vice President of Global Product Management at TNS, considers the key developments which could shape the payments industry in 2019.

Does Migrating to the Cloud Put Payment Data at Risk?Does Migrating to the Cloud Put Payment Data at Risk?

Mark Collins, Managing Director of Transaction Network Services’ FinTech Solutions business in Europe, gives us his insights on how you can safely and securely insert cloud services into your payments infrastructure.

Security Fears Threaten Biometric Payments GrowthSecurity Fears Threaten Biometric Payments Growth

Biometric payments are poised for significant growth, but substantial consumer security concerns could put its future at risk according to a report from TNS. Bill Versen, TNS’ Chief Product Officer, shares some key insights.

Make Time to Address 4G Migration Before It’s Too LateMake Time to Address 4G Migration Before It’s Too Late

Mark Collins, Managing Director of Transaction Network Services’ FinTech Solutions business in Europe, addresses concerns about the growing number of 2G and 3G networks that are shutting down.

Significant Growth Opportunities for Unattended TerminalsSignificant Growth Opportunities for Unattended Terminals

70% of consumers want unattended terminals to accept both card and cash payments and a significant number are willing to use wearable devices or digital wallets at these locations, according to a survey* of US, UK and Australian adults commissioned by TNS. Bill Versen, Chief Product Officer at TNS, talks us through some of the key findings.


The move to wireless ATM deployments in Asia Pacific, current trends and future directionThe move to wireless ATM deployments in Asia Pacific, current trends and future direction

TNS’ Director of Product Management, Katherine Brown and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Michael Johnson take part in an ATMIA webinar about wireless ATM adoption. ATM telecommunications, particularly off premise deployments, continue to represent the second largest operating cost for deployers behind cost of cash. Listen to Katherine and Michael discuss wireless ATMs, what models have deployers chosen to adopt, and do they deliver the in-principle benefits of speed to market, operational efficiency around IMAC and good or better uptime versus traditional methods? What trends are there in other global territories that we don’t see in Asia Pacific?

US ATM Usage Remains Strong But Consumers Split on Latest InnovationsUS ATM Usage Remains Strong But Consumers Split on Latest Innovations

A recent independent survey* commissioned by Transaction Network Services (TNS) has revealed that the ATM remains a firm cornerstone of the US payments industry, however, attitudes to new innovations, such as the ability to obtain foreign currency, lottery tickets and other services appear mixed. This video presents some of the key findings.

How Will The Payments Landscape Evolve in 2019?How Will The Payments Landscape Evolve in 2019?

Over the last few years, the variety of payment methods available has expanded dramatically, fueled by significant consumer adoption on a global level. This infographic considers the key developments which could shape the payments industry in 2019.

Interesting Findings in UK Survey of ATM UsageInteresting Findings in UK Survey of ATM Usage

Are consumers happy with the service and quantity of ATMs found in the UK and abroad? A recent survey carried out by Transaction Network Services on UK adults shows some interesting findings in the way we use ATMs in today’s ever advancing technological world.

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