ATMIA position paper recommending migration to Windows 10 - June 01, 2015
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ATMIA position paper recommending migration to Windows 10

Monday, June 01, 2015

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by ATM Industry Association

ATMIA recommends Windows 10 for the next major migration to a Windows ATM operating system


Sioux Falls, SD, USA & London, United Kingdom, June 2105:   The ATM Industry Association has today issued a position paper recommending that the next major migration to a Windows ATM operating system should be to Windows 10, skipping Windows 8 and 8.1.

“ATM deployers should start their 2020 migration without delay,” explained CEO Mike Lee, “as ATM hardware purchased now will still be in use when support for Windows 7 OS ends in that year. This means terminals would need to be upgradeable and compatible with the next big operating system. It’s important to know which ATM configurations are going to be Windows 10 compatible.”

The ATM industry is no stranger to large-scale migrations to newer computer operating systems, having migrated from OS/2 to Windows XP (or, in the case of many retail ATMs, to Windows CE) and, more recently, from Windows XP to Windows 7.

“For those deployers seeking alternatives, the association has a Next Generation ATM Architecture

looking into such innovations as Linux-based ATMs or Android-operated ATMs,” Lee added. “We expect there to be some parallel trajectories in future with a mainstream solution adopted by the majority of deployers, probably Windows 10 in our view, and alternative systems like Linux and Android.”

The new position paper by ATMIA outlines the main benefits of adopting a migration path from Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows CE to Windows 10, namely increased security for protection against malware and other forms of cyber attack, overcoming previous disadvantages of Windows 8, the provision of periodic service packs for longer life and a new Microsoft philosophy of one system for all, that is, “a single Windows for everything” approach.

“Bear in mind, it’s not advisable for deployers to wait on the XP system for Windows 10, as there are security risks to being on an unsupported OS platform,” Lee advised.

ATMIA members can view the position paper on the ATMIA website.

For more information about the position paper or this industry recommendation, contact Mike Lee at [email protected]. For information about ATMIA, contact Sharon Lane at [email protected]

The ATM Industry Association ( is a non-profit trade association serving all businesses and groups in the ATM industry. The association is made up of over 5,000 members in 65 countries. We currently represent well over 1.5 million ATMs internationally. For more information go to –

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