BVK Announced as August 2023 Europe and Emerging Markets Region Member of the Month - August 14, 2023

BVK Announced as August 2023 Europe and Emerging Markets Region Member of the Month

Monday, August 14, 2023

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Company: ATM Industry Association

We are excited that BVK has been selected as the August 2023 ATMIA Europe and Emerging Markets region Member of the Month. BVK has been a loyal Global Board member for the past 11 years.

Over the past years, BVK has experienced several key benefits from their membership that have greatly contributed to their growth and success. According to Daniela CUCU, Marketing Manager, “One of the most significant advantages is the networking opportunities that ATMIA provides. Through interactions with other members, BVK has gained valuable insights into industry best practices, customer expectations, and emerging threats. This synergy has allowed us to adapt our offerings, such as ase5 and ash+, our cutting-edge anti-skimming and anti-shimming solutions, and innovative key-less locks for ATM safe and top box, to meet evolving security demands effectively.”

“BVk’s commitment was recognized in 2020 when we received the “Best Next Gen Security Solution” ATMIA award which further underscored the value of their membership in driving innovation and recognition within the ATM industry,” stated CUCU.

We asked about attending our events and the value-added benefits from attending, CUCU replied, “We have attended more than 10 ATMIA events and these gatherings have proven to be invaluable for our business. The knowledge-sharing environment of the events has enabled us to not only learn about customer needs but also to grasp the nuances of various local markets. Understanding these differences has been essential in tailoring our security solutions to diverse requirements. Additionally, these events have provided us with the opportunity to identify new needs in the industry and establish partnerships that fuel our growth. Furthermore, engaging in competitor analysis within this collaborative setting has allowed us to refine our strategies and maintain our competitive edge.”

İn closing, CUCU added this, “Belonging to ATMIA since 2011 has been a transformative journey for us. The association's commitment to knowledge exchange and collaboration has enabled us to continuously innovate our security solutions. Our membership has not only helped us stay ahead of industry trends but has also facilitated meaningful partnerships and invaluable insights into market dynamics. The collaborative environment of ATMIA has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in our growth as a leader in the ATM security industry.”

To learn more about BVK, check out their showroom.

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