Europe and Emerging Markets Advocacy Update By Sofia Sadiq - March 10, 2023

Europe and Emerging Markets Advocacy Update By Sofia Sadiq

Friday, March 10, 2023

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by Sofia Sadiq

I am very excited about all the positive developments and announcements in the Europe region and in particular thrilled about the launch of our very first Europe and Emerging Markets ATMs and Cash Summit, in Dublin Ireland from 18-19 October 2023. This promises to be an event not to be missed, as it will include, for the first time, a few sessions and workshops relating to Emerging Markets, to better understand the complexity of issues faced in the region. Please register on the website, where you can find more information on the Summit.

I am also very excited to tell you about our very first Advocacy Council preliminary meeting when we invited a few members to discuss the focus of the Advocacy Council which we are planning on launching this quarter. As I have mentioned before the purpose of the Council is to bring together Members to join an Advocacy Council, set up to discuss key issues and concerns facing the cash industry in Europe and beyond.

We had a discussion with our panel members from Cash Essentials, Link and ESTA on three key areas, given below, which ATMIA members had highlighted as areas of concern and where advocacy efforts should be directed.  

What is the future of cash and how do we support cash and ATMs?

The future of cash is an ongoing issue with members who see the possibility of cash coming under threat if, for example, retailers stop accepting it at points of sale. What can we do to protect the role of cash as both a means of payment and a store of value. What will the cash cycle look like in 7 – 10 years, as big tech companies lead the way in different digital payment options.

Payment Choice – Digital vs. Cash

Longer term, cash appears to be in a losing battle with electronic payment methods. According to the latest study on the payment attitudes of consumers in the euro area, published by the European Central Bank (ECB) in December last year (European Central Bank, 2022), cash is still the most frequently used means of payment at the point of sale, but its share is declining.

What is the role of the Central Banks and what will be the new cash cycle if banks are walking away? 

Do we need to work more closely with Central Banks, who appear to be disengaging with cash.   What will be the new cash cycle if banks are walking away?  Cash in circulation is increasing, although the proportion of cash for transactions, in reducing.

It is important that we hear from all our members on the above issues so that we ensure that the work we are doing is serving the needs of members in one national market or across Europe. ATMIA Europe has created a European Advocacy Fund. This Fund is called upon to support advocacy and legal work carried out by the ATMIA in the interests of Members. Please do continue to support our advocacy efforts in 2023 and beyond. You can donate to the European Advocacy Fund by clicking the link here -

My door is always open to hear your feedback or your questions on any issue important to you. Let us keep the conversations flowing around the access and acceptance of cash and the importance of payment choice for all our members in the industry so that we can stay informed and learn from each other.

Sofia Sadiq
[email protected] 


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