If ATM Security is Part of Your Job Description, You Need to be in Nashville, September 13 & 14 - August 15, 2023

If ATM Security is Part of Your Job Description, You Need to be in Nashville, September 13 & 14

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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by David Tente

ATMIA and ATM Security Association (ASA) will jointly host the first biennial, Global Security Summit in Nashville, TN, September 13 and 14. This event brings together industry security specialists, service providers, ATM deployers, and law enforcement in a common effort – fighting the continuing rise in ATM crime.

Our educational program begins with a panel discussion facilitated by ABA (American Bankers Association): Navigating a Shift in ATM Crime – From Understanding to Mitigation. The panel will provide an overview of cyber and physical attacks against bank ATMs across the country. Then discuss efforts to mitigate these threats through the implementation of optimal risk assessments, enhanced countermeasures, procedures, and information sharing.

That panel will set the pace and tenor for the entire program as our experts examine what is happening in our industry and how best to deal with it. This year NCR has also become a leading operator of ATMs.  Their session describes how they continually manage defenses and practices to keep the bad guys out.

Attacks on armored carriers are also on the rise, which includes staff replenishing ATMs. Loomis reviews what you can do to help reduce the risk to both staff and ATMs.

Law enforcement will also be participating in the program. Hear a real case study about an international  crime organization that used ATMs to cash out more than one million dollars from hundreds of accounts in the Middle Tennessee area. Relying on real-time monitoring and information sharing between numerous law enforcement agencies and bank investigators, members of the group were caught in the act, apprehended, and successfully prosecuted.

Other sessions include IBNS countermeasures; tips for avoiding jackpotting losses, from the operators of thousands of C-store ATMs; how to help law enforcement find your ATM; learn about ZERO TRUST Architecture; and more.

Join us next month in Nashville for an event too valuable to miss.

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