Wincor Nixdorf opens independent software headquarters in Utrecht - September 19, 2013
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Wincor Nixdorf opens independent software headquarters in Utrecht

Thursday, September 19, 2013

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by Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH

Wincor Nixdorf AG is pooling its software and professional services expertise in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Wincor Nixdorf CEO Eckard Heidloff officially opened the new Software Headquarters on September 18, 2013 in the presence of Remco van Lunteren (photo left), Member of the Provincial Executive of the Province of Utrecht.

"The opening of the Software Headquarters, from where we will manage our global software business and professional services, is another important element in the future-oriented realignment of our global activities," says Eckard Heidloff. "We see that software is playing an increasingly important role in our customers’ investment decisions. In the software provider market we can currently see a trend toward consolidation, similar to what we observed years ago in the hardware sector. And this is what we are responding to." 

By creating a competence center and a central control center, Wincor Nixdorf aims to build on its software strength. Today, the company is already generating revenue of more than €300 million in the software sector, which puts it among the world’s leading providers of software services for retail banks and retail companies. Each year, around 30 percent of company investments for research and development flow into the further development of software activities. Around 1,500 of the 9,000 Wincor Nixdorf employees worldwide are involved in software development and related professional services such as process analysis, integration and customizing services, training and maintenance.

From the start of the new fiscal year on October 1, 2013, these activities will be managed from the Netherlands. To this end, around 50 employees from Wincor Nixdorf will initially start work in the office complex in Utrecht from October 1; the addition of further staff is also planned.

The metropolitan area around Amsterdam offers excellent conditions for this: It’s known as an attractive location for companies in information and communication technology, and internationally renowned universities and research institutes ensure access to IT experts and talent. Last but not least, the Utrecht province offers first-rate global transport connections via the neighboring Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Software for banks and retail companies Banks and retail companies worldwide are striving to make their branch and store processes leaner and more automated. They need to improve customer efficiency and service and counteract cost increases. Offers are therefore being shifted to electronic channels or self-service, while manual branch and store processes are being automated. Software maps business-critical processes into a form that can be processed by the hardware and enables banks and retail companies to provide new offers and services flexibly and cost-effectively. Banks and retailers tend to use non-standardized software. Wincor Nixdorf therefore sees great opportunities in this for offering standard software to handle all the self-service and branch or store processes, irrespective of the hardware installed. Functional enhancements can thus be added quickly and cost-effectively. With software to manage the systems connected to a network, banks and retailers can significantly improve business-critical system availability. Wincor Nixdorf provides software for integrating all the service and sales channels to ensure standardized operation of service and sales processes.

Optimizing customers’ IT processes. Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions and services to retailers and retail banking. The company’s extensive portfolio is centered around optimizing business processes at banks and retail companies. It is aimed mainly at cutting costs and complexity and improving service to end customers. Wincor Nixdorf has a presence in around 130 countries, and its own subsidiaries in 43 of them. A total of around 9,000 employees work for the company. Wincor Nixdorf is the leader in Europe and the number 2 in the world for programmable electronic POS systems (EPOSs) and the number 2 in Europe and worldwide for automated teller machines. It has production facilities in Germany, China and Brazil.

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