Working Together to Advocate for Payment Choice - May 12, 2023

Working Together to Advocate for Payment Choice

Friday, May 12, 2023

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by Sofia Sadiq

Our first Advocacy Council Meeting took place on Tuesday, May 16 and it was great to see many of our members joining in the conversation. It was an opportunity to discuss key issues facing the industry, both in Europe and internationally and to understand what would be most beneficial, as we look to expand our advocacy efforts across our regions.

It is important that we continue to work together to advocate for payment choice which can benefit both consumers and businesses. Consumers benefit from having the flexibility to use the payment method that is most convenient for them, which can include credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, cash, or checks. Having multiple payment options can also help consumers manage their finances better and reduce the risk of fraud or identity theft.

In addition, promoting access to cash can benefit various groups of people, including low-income households, rural communities, the elderly, and people with limited access to digital payment methods. It can also help protect consumer privacy and prevent discrimination against individuals who prefer to use cash as a means of payment.

Through the Advocacy Council we can work together to:

Raise awareness: The Council may seek to increase public awareness of the benefits of payment choice and cash as a payment option, such as its accessibility, anonymity, and universal acceptance.

Advocate for policy change: The Council may work to influence policymakers to support policies that protect and maintain access to cash, such as regulations that require businesses to accept cash as payment and laws that prevent banks from closing branches in rural or low-income areas.

Mobilize support: The Council may seek to mobilize support from individuals, businesses, and organizations that value the importance of cash as a payment option and advocate for payment choice as an important step towards promoting financial inclusion, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering a competitive business environment.

Provide resources and support: The Council may offer resources and support to individuals and businesses that rely on cash as a payment option, such as education and training on managing cash transactions and access to financial services.

Your donations and support are critical to ensure we are providing the right support and that we continue to understand and learn from each other. Find out how you can contribute to the Advocacy Fund here.  

We look forward to seeing many more of you at the next Advocacy Council meeting, as we truly believe working together on common industry issues benefits the entire industry.


Sofia Sadiq
International Advocacy and Content Manager

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