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To establish an ATMIA Canada Industry Advocacy Fund to be used by the Government Relations Committee of ATMIA Canada (CGRC).


The purpose of the fund will be to cover the costs of political advocacy, regulatory monitoring and policy development at all appropriate levels of government.

In addition, contributors and sponsors of the fund will receive public recognition in ATMIA newsletters, press releases and announcements at annual conferences in Canada as well as on a special webpage on which their logos and links will be showcased.


Such a fund will be properly registered and audited as part of the ATM Industry Association’s annual audit. It will be managed in a transparent way by ATMIA Canada's Government Relations Committee (CGRC), reporting to the Executive Board of ATMIA. Contributions will be managed to retain the dollars in the general ATMIA account / Region P&L equal to the budgeted monitoring cost each year. Any excess contributions must be moved to that Regions’ Advocacy Fund and future disbursements must be approved by the FT and ED of the Region. 

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