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Monday, October 04, 2021

by Stateside Associates




  • In session or committee meetings: Blue 
  • Upcoming or in special session: Red
  • Adjourned or in recess: Grey

View our comprehensive chart detailing capitol visitor restrictions, session meeting plans, conduct of public hearings and more. For questions, contact Alice Brumfield.

Alabama - In special session to address the condition of the state's prison system.

Nebraska - In special session to address redistricting.

New Jersey - In recess until November 1.

South Dakota - Upcoming special session on redistricting scheduled for November 8.

Idaho - In extended recess until December 31.

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The International City/County Management Association

Annual Conference

Portland, OR

October 3-6

Contact: Meghan Holihan

Western Governors' Association

Chair/Platinum Sponsor Reception

October 5

Denver, CO

Contact: Meghan Holihan

Democratic Governors Association

Fall Policy Conference

Santa Fe, NM

October 7-8

Contact: Johnathan Lozier

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Here are some state and local highlights taking place this week. View everything that's happening around all 50 states by visiting our blog. For questions, contact Alice Brumfield.

State Legislatures Meetings This Week:


The Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure will hold a hearing on October 4 regarding Massachusetts HB 375. This measure protects the privacy of business account holder information and data. This measure prohibits the transaction of consumer data. This measure creates exceptions and specifications on the use of account holder data. This measure outlines restrictions on government use of data. This measure establishes liability for disseminating the data. This measure defines terms. 

Contact: Sophia Tailor

The Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure will hold a hearing on October 4 regarding Massachusetts HB 415. This measure bars credit reporting for late payments during the pandemic. This measure bars consumer reporting agencies from including in their reports any late payments on an installment loan resulting from the financial impact of COVID-19, include, but not limited to:

  1. Mortgages;
  2. Auto loans;
  3. Personal loans;
  4. Student loans; and
  5. Outstanding monthly credit card balances.

This measure applies to payments due between March 10, 2020, and 30 days after the expiration of the state of emergency. 

Contact: Sophia Tailor


The House Consumer Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on October 6 regarding Pennsylvania HB 1594. This measure requires online marketplaces to collect certain information on high-volume third-party sellers. Under this measure, high-volume third-party sellers would be required to provide their bank account information, contact information, and tax ID number to the online marketplace. This contact information would also need to be made available to the consumer. The marketplace would need to verify the information within 3 days of it being provided. The third-party seller would need to update their information annually. Additionally, an online marketplace would be required to create a reporting mechanism for suspicious activity if false information is provided by a seller. The Bureau of Consumer Protection within the Office of the Attorney General would promulgate rules and enforce this measure.

Contact: Mark Salters


A public hearing is scheduled for October 6 regarding Wisconsin AB 478. Testimony will be accepted by the chair. A vote is unlikely until this measure is considered in an executive session. This measure makes changes to laws governing credit unions and placement and operation of ATMs. The measure provides that 30 days after an activity or power becomes authorized for federally chartered credit unions, the activity or power also becomes authorized for Wisconsin-chartered credit unions unless otherwise noted by an OCU general order within this 30-day period. The measure provides activities and services that may be undertaken or offered by credit unions would be authorized by OCU guidance, rather than rule. The measure provides that a credit union may purchase, lease, hold, and convey certain real estate, including real estate conveyed to the credit union in satisfaction of a debt or foreclosed real estate, subject to guidance by OCU and a five-year limit on holding the real estate. The measure repeals rules that require a financial institution to provide advance written notice to OCU or the division before acquiring, placing, or operating an off-site ATM. The measure requires a credit union's board of directors to fill any vacancy, including a vacancy resulting from the removal of a director, within 90 days. The measure permits a credit union to allow nonmember loan participation as a joint applicant, co-obligor, cosigner, co-borrower, surety, or guarantor. 

Contact: Ryan Reynolds


The Senate Study Committee on Age of Mandatory Education will hold a hearing on October 7 regarding Georgia SB 3. This measure raises the age of mandatory public schooling in the state. Current law requires that students receive an education until their 16th birthday. This measure would raise the age to 17. The measure also creates an adult literacy program for individuals who never graduated high school.

Contact: Ryan Reynolds

Local Meetings This Week:


On October 5 the Los Angeles City Council is expected to consider an ordinance requiring proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to enter certain indoor public locations such as restaurants, movie theaters, large events, and City buildings. If approved, the ordinance would go into effect on November 4.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo


On October 5 the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners will receive a report regarding the feasibility of prohibiting retail businesses from refusing cash payments for the sale of goods or services.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo


On October 5 the Hilton Head Island Town Council will continue consideration of a resolution supporting the passage of a local option sales tax. 

Contact: Stephanie Rojo


On October 5 the Nashville Metropolitan Council will hold a hearing on an ordinance amending the definition of “Short Term Rental Property - Not Owner-Occupied” in the Metropolitan Code. Additionally, the Council will continue consideration of an ordinance to amend permitting certain individuals with active permits on file with the Department of Codes Administration to be eligible for Short Term Rental Property - Not Owner Occupied Permits.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo

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Robert Phillips

Legislative Issue Manager

Robert is a Legislative Issue Manager on the Commodities and Labor team. Before joining Stateside, Robert gained experience in his home district in Pennsylvania by working for State Senator Randy Vulakovich. He has been active in both the campaign and legislative side of politics on the federal, state, and local level. Robert graduated from Seton Hill University in 2018 with a degree in Political Science. In his spare time, you can find Robert serving his hometown community as a volunteer firefighter.

Where do you call home? I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Far from its reputation as a "Smoky City", Pittsburgh is beautiful, vibrant city of three rivers.


How long have you worked at Stateside? August marked my two-year anniversary at Stateside.

What is your favorite board game? Risk. It satisfies my latent desire to rule the world!


What is your favorite place in the world? The Florida Keys. It's the island life for me!


What was your first job? Campaigning for a state senator. It took my love of politics and elevated it to a whole new level. From there, politics went from an interest to an obsession.

What’s your favorite sport to watch (or play)? I love to watch college football. Let's Go Pitt!

What’s the last show you binge-watched? The Sopranos.

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