This Week in the States - March 13, 2023

This Week in the States

Monday, March 13, 2023

by Stateside Associates




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The Glendale City Council will meet on March 14 to consider amending the City Code Chapter 29.1 (Residential Rental Properties) Section 29.1-41 (Short-Term Rentals) to rearrange language and a license requirement and add penalties for failure to comply.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo


The Santa Monica City Council will meet on March 14 to introduce and adopt an emergency Interim Zoning Ordinance to confirm the applicability of certain zoning and health and safety regulations to wireless facilities subject to Santa Monica Municipal Code Chapter 9.32, Personal Wireless Service Facilities.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo


The House Appropriations-General Services Committee will hold a hearing on March 15 regarding HB 2459. This measure requires the Environmental Protection Agency to establish a fleet electrification voucher program to promote the use of electric school buses, electric Class 7 trucks, and electric Class 8 trucks by fleet owners by offering a voucher of $200,000 per electric school bus, electric Class 7 truck, or electric Class 8 truck purchased or leased for a fleet by the fleet's owner or operator.

Contact: Alex Aceto


The Joint Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry will hold a hearing on March 15 regarding LD 606. This measure requires the development and implementation of a program to incentivize and assist farmers whose land or crops are affected by perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances to remediate the land from contamination, including by growing alternative crops.

Contact: Robert Korn

The Joint Committee on Labor and Housing will hold a hearing on March 16 regarding LD 841. This measure allows the Director of Labor Standards within the Department of Labor to issue a special certificate to a chronically unemployed individual authorizing the individual to negotiate with prospective employers terms and conditions of employment, including compensation less than the minimum wage, for the duration of time equal to that of the individual's previous unemployment prior to the individual's beginning employment with an employer.

Contact: Ian Georgiev


The Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on March 15 regarding SB 575. This measure establishes a drug take-back program in Maryland. 

Contact: Emma Rose Lowder


The House Climate and Energy Finance and Policy Committee will hold a hearing on March 14 regarding HF 413. This measure provides that when purchasing a motor vehicle for the enterprise fleet or for use by an agency, the commissioner or the agency must purchase the motor vehicle according to the following vehicle preference order: (1) an electric vehicle; (2) a hybrid electric vehicle; (3) a vehicle capable of being powered by cleaner fuels; and (4) a vehicle powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. A person that charges a privately owned electric vehicle at a charging station located within the Capitol area must pay an electric service fee established by the commissioner.

Contact: Alex Aceto


The Senate Environmental Conservation Committee will hold a hearing on March 14 regarding SB 4246. This measure establishes the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act. The measure states producers must either form a packaging reduction and recycling organization individually or collectively to meet the responsibilities of the program. 

Contact: Stephanie Obieroma


The Senate Committee on Finance will hold a hearing on March 14 regarding SB 6. This measure requires the boards of state pension funds to make investment decisions with the sole purpose of maximizing the return on its investments. The board cannot make an investment decision with the primary purpose of influencing any social or environmental policy or attempting to influence the governance of any corporation. 

Contact: Mark Salters


The Portland City Council will meet on March 15 to consider amending the System Development Charge Exemptions Code to waive system development charges for office-to-residential conversion projects performing seismic upgrades.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo

The House Committee on Climate, Energy, and Environment will hold a work session on March 15 regarding HB 3043. This measure amends the State Code relating to chemicals in children's products. This measure amends the requirements for a hazard assessment. A hazard assessment approved is valid for a period of three years after the date of submittal of the hazard assessment. A manufacturer must resubmit the hazard assessment at the end of the three-year period.

Contact: Thomas Bamforth


The House Health & Human Services will hold a hearing on March 15 regarding HB 5507. This measure establishes a prescription drug advisory board. 

Contact: Emma Rose Lowder


The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee will hold a hearing on March 14 regarding SB 940. The measure requires employers to pay employees the federal minimum wage of $12 an hour or as established in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. The employer cannot pay an employee less than 1.5 times the regular wage rate for working more than 40 hours a week. 

Contact: Ian Georgiev


The El Paso City Council will meet on March 13 to receive information and discuss an item pertaining to Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations on the City’s right-of-way.

Contact: Stephanie Rojo

Association of Clean Water Administrators

Mid-Year Meeting

Alexandria, VA

March 15-16

Contact: Mark Anderson

Attorney General Alliance

International Delegation

Location TBD

March 17-26

Contact: Meghan Holihan





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