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ATMIA Academy

added-value ATM services Training

The ATM continues to play a critical and growing role within retail financial services. This course explores the added-value capabilities of the ATM beyond the core transactions that it has handled historically. It discusses the comprehenive service and sales facilities that the ATM can provide for dealing with both customers and third party users. It also highlights the principal enabling technologies and the ways in which the ATM interacts with other channels.

Added-Value Training session overview:

Role of the ATM in an Omni-Channel Strategy
This session explains the growing global role of the ATM. It introduces issues such as financial inclusion and channel integration while highlighting key technologies that have contributed to the expanding capabilities of the ATM.
Added Teller Value
The session provides an overview of the ATM's day-to-day frontline transaction capabilities and the many means by which these can be accessed.
Relationship Management
Extensive functionality is now available to authenticate the customer, meet their service requirements and build a customer. This session also deals with the related issues of brand appeal and access for the disabled.
Promotional and Sales Features
This session clarifies the many different features that the ATM can support to promote and handle the sale of banking products and services to both customers and non-customers.
Brand Projection and Representation
The significance of the brand, and the ability of the ATM to project and represent it, remains strategically important. This session demonstrates why and touches on social media and environmental impact.
The session provides detailed examples of the added-value functionality that supports the key roles of the ATM worldwide and sets out the ways in which transactions may be initiated.
ATM Value-Added Services Course
Course ATMIA Member Non-member
Added Value at the ATM $100 $175

Additional training courses are available for ATM operators and about ATM security.

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*Note: The training offered is intended for those currently employed in the ATM industry. Individuals not employed by companies in the industry will not be considered for the online training. If you are in search of career opportunities within the ATM industry, we encourage you to post your CV on our Career Center.


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“Calleo is excited to see ATMIA has launched a new training model which looks beyond the traditional uses of ATMs, and explores how ATMs can generate greater value to a Financial Services provider.

In the new omni-channel world banks need to think about how ATMs fit in to the broader branch and brand strategy as they become tools, not just for facilitating transactions, but also improving client experience and aiding sales and marketing efforts.”

- Andrew Dean

“This latest course from the ATMIA shows just how the added value features of the ATM really can supply the industry with the complete bank in a box! The content will help members to better understand the extensive power and potential of an iconic self service channel.”

- David Cavell
ATMIA Consultant

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