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Monday, June 14, 2021

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Company: ATM Industry Association

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Shopping for ATM products or services? Look no further than the ATMIA website. The Directory of ATM Services highlights ATMIA member companies offering the products and services you need — from ATM hardware and parts, to cash management services, security, insurance on the money in your ATMs and much more.

Cash Connect
Cash Management Services

Specializing in providing excellence in ATM services and vault cash, Cash Connect provides services for ATM owners in all 50 states. Organizations both large and small have expanded their ATM portfolios and increased profitability using Cash Connect’s ATM vault cash and cash management services. Whether you are looking to grow or simply streamline operations, Cash Connect can help.

Digital Mint

Bitcoin ATM & POS Provider

DigitalMint allows ATM operators to earn new revenue by selling cryptocurrency through kiosks and at the point of sale. Digital Mint gives IADs the infrastructure to run their own Bitcoin ATM business with multiple product options including a stand-alone Bitcoin kiosk and ATM sidecar attachment.
ATM & Financial Equipment Manufacturer
Founded in 1999, GRGBanking offers a full line of ATMs and financial equipment from basic cash dispensing ATMs to video teller machines to smart teller machines and teller cash recyclers. The number one supplier of ATMs in China, 300,000 high-quality, affordable GRG products are deployed in 80 countries around the world.
Remote ATM & Financial Equipment Access
Netop provides secure and reliable remote access to any device, network or platform. The number one trusted solution for remote support of ATMs and financial equipment, financial institutions and managed services providers choose the PCI compliant Netop Remote Control system to boost ATM uptime and eliminate on-site service costs.

Vcomms Connect Ltd

Wireless Communications
Vcomms provides a new generation of secure wireless IP solutions for financial transaction networks, to reliably link EFTPOS and ATM and remote terminals with host and management environments. With over 30 years of experience supplying data communications technology and services, Vcomms’ reputation is built on the reliability and performance of the products and services.
Member Showrooms
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