VCOMMS Connect Ltd

Vcomms was formed to develop a new generation of secure wireless IP solutions for financial transaction networks to reliably link EFTPOS and ATM and remote terminals with host and management environments. Vcomms have over 30 years of experience supplying data communications technology and services. Our continuing reputation is built on the reliability and performance of our products and services.

Using this experience Vcomms has spent the last nine years designing, building and improving the Viper Machine to Machine Platform. The goal was to deliver a more flexible and easily managed service built on knowledge from the previous generation solutions of Vcomms technology. This has been achieved with our Viper Platform which we have used to build our Cosmos Managed Service.

Vcomms has ownership of the designs, development and manufacture of the key hardware and software components; this means Vcomms can ensure that we provide the highest quality product and service and can provide customer specific functionality without the need of third party support.

VCOMMS Connect Ltd

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New Zealand

New Zealand


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Products & Services
M2M (IOT) Wireless Simplicity

Global Wireless Simplicity

Mobile networks provide the opportunity for Vcomms customers to deploy terminals quickly and reliably. Bypassing the requirement for fixed wire connections and lengthy installation and costs involved and possible constraints of placement.

With Global LTE, 3G, 2G mobile networks, Vcomms Cosmos NaaS access over 600 Carrier Networks Globally and allow for highly secure, timely and reliable connectivity with a reduced total cost of ownership.

Network as a Service

Vcomms Cosmos Network as a Service (NaaS) is designed to provide customers with the ease of network setup and deployment of remote terminals (ATM’s, Kiosks, Smarts Safes).  Our customers use Vcomms readymade network specifically designed to leverage Vcomms pre-existing Mobile Carrier Network infrastructure. Simply configure your terminal to connect to our Vcomms Edge Device and we ensure the message gets to your host network timely and securely.

Cosmos is a robust, secure, and highly available computing core combined with Vcomms Edge Devices, specifically designed to create reliable connectivity over multiple local Mobile Carrier Networks including our inbuilt automatic managed network failover when needed facility. Customers can concentrate on their core business, no longer building costly connectivity and monitoring systems.

Vcomms dedicated team of network and mobile connectivity specialists design and operate a solution and integrate into our customer environments.

Why Vcomms Connect?

  • SERVICE - delivering industry leading connectivity for our customers.
  • EXPERIENCED - providing Machine to Machine services for 20 years.
  • KNOWLEDGE - Specialists building solutions for M2M connectivity for remote terminals.
  • INTELLIGENT - designed for proactive connectivity allowing hands off operation.
  • SECURE – all connections are secured with industry standard encryption (AES, 3DES)
  • WORLDWIDE - Access to over 600  Mobile Carrier Networks worldwide.
  • DEVELOPMENT - Continuous software and hardware development lifecycle.
  • VISIBILITY - Web application provides full visibility of Cosmos NaaS and connected terminals.

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