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Abloy Oy in Finland is one of the leading manufacturers of complete high security solutions. Every day, millions of people around the world use products and solutions that we have developed. Also several ATM customers have chosen ABLOY solutions to be leaders in fast developing banking world.

Abloys’ worldwide sales and service network is working globally with the ATM manufacturers and service providers. A global distribution network in over 90 countries is in charge of our professional service.

ABLOY products are result of continuous R&D, testing and our ability to understand and solve customers’ security related challenges. The starting point for innovation is always the same – the end user and his needs. Abloy makes life easier, more controllable and reliable by creating locking solutions that adapt to changes and that work as expected, even in exceptional situations.

Abloy Oy

Wahlforssinkatu 20
80100 Joensuu
Tel. +358 20 599 2501

Harri Purmonen
Solution Manager | Product Management
Tel. +358 40 670 8229

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PROTEC<sup>2</sup> CLIQ™

Combining mechanical and electromechanical features PROTEC2 CLIQ™ offers double security with wide internationally tested and approved product range. Remotely controlled PROTEC2 CLIQ™ system enables to control sub-contractors activities on sites reducing management costs and providing traceability. With same PROTEC2 CLIQ™ system we have possibility to use mechanical ABLOY PROTEC2 system where audit trails and access control isn’t needed, this improves cost efficiency and payback time of our solutions.

CLIQ™ Connect

CLIQ™ Connect

New CLIQ™ Connect key together with mobile application makes the key update even more easy and flexible. With CLIQ™ Connect there is possibility to check access rights in real time. Access rights for individual keys can be updated via smartphone anywhere at any time. CLIQ™ Connect also includes a real time audit trail. This enhances high security by minimizing the potential risk of a lost key.

The solution is an investment for the future, since future developments in mobile functionalities are supported.

Right products with solution optimization

Right products with solution optimization

Our solid expertise has its foundation in continuous improvements in product development, manufacturing methods, and customer service. With wide range of ABLOY products we always have most suitable products and solutions to support and improve operational efficiency for each need and customer. Our specialized ATM team will find the best solution for your needs.

Suitability & Customization

Suitability & Customization

Abloy makes life more controllable and reliable by creating locking solutions that adapt to changes and that work as expected, even in exceptional situations. We develop products and solutions to enhance value of their application. The driving force behind every part of Abloy is the commitment and ability to understand and solve our customers’ security related challenges and provide complete solutions globally.

While the core of the cylinder mechanism remains the same, the outer housing can be designed to meet the requirements of a multitude of applications, local standards and specific customer needs. Working closely with our customer allows us to develop customized products on many different levels. It may be a new configuration of the existing components or a completely new structure for an existing system. The goal is always a cost-effective total solution, which gives a significant competitive advantage.

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