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Cashway Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, with registered capital of RMB 210million Yuan. As a financial technology enterprise, as well as a new high-tech enterprise and software enterprise, Cashway is dedicated to offering financial electronic products and solutions, integrated with the R&D, manufacture, marketing, operation, monitoring and relevant outsourcing services of banking self-service equipments.

Cashway invested 950 million Yuan to build Cashway Technology Park in Tianjin Binhai New Area, known as “China’s third economic growth pole”. There are e-banking project center and financial self-service operating center in the Park, and it is the largest and most advanced base for R&D, industrialization and operation of financial self-service equipments. The Park is the only national ATM research and development industrialization base approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, which is also one of the 12th Five Year Major Technology Projects. Cashway is a project implementation unit of the Major Torch Plan, of the Electronic Development Fund Project by Ministry of Information and Technology. It is also appointed by the government of Tianjin as the one of the implementation unites of Significant Industrialization Projects of Independent Innovation as well as Significant Industrial Projects. There are Post-doctoral research station, financial electronic products engineering center, technology center in Cashway technology Park.



Cashway Technology Co., Ltd.

Cashway Technology Co., Ltd.
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Airport Economic Area

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Products & Services

Cashway Technology’s Solution

Cashway Technology’s Solution

[email protected] (Cashway Intelligent Solution Virtual Teller Machine System)  by VTM Viewer, Virtual Teller Center and Virtual Teller Agent can be used in intelligent networks and with high compatibility, high stability of the VTM system solutions. The system is fully compatible with all major manufacturers of basic video service platform, and provides a flexible system configuration to meet the individual needs of customers under complex conditions.


  • Full-function: the terminal can handle more than 90% of teller service, backstage management system with video communications, intelligent queuing, report management, remote assistance, active marketing, audio / recording screen and other functions, can provide users with a full range of services.
  • High compatibility: The system can be quickly integrated within the majority manufacturers of video Product service platform for banking customers .
  • High Scalability: The system with independent intellectual property rights, through an open architecture design which can respond quickly to a variety of customization requirements.
  • High Flexibility: The system can flexibly support soft or hard video solution according to customer’s request.

[email protected]是由VTM终端应用软件、VTC视频基础平台软件和VTA坐席应用软件构成的可用于智能网点的,具备高兼容性、高稳定性的VTM系统解决方案。系统全面兼容各主流视频厂商的基础服务平台,并提供了灵活的系统配置方案,能够满足客户在复杂条件下的个性化需求。


  • 功能全面:终端可以办理90%以上的柜面业务,后台管理系统具有视频通信、智能排队、报表管理、远程协助、主动营销、录音/录屏等功能,可以给用户提供全方位的服务。
  • 高兼容性:系统可以快速集成行业内主流视频厂商的基础服务平台,供银行客户灵活选择。
  • 高扩展性:系统具有独立知识产权,通过开放式的架构设计可以快速响应各种客户定制化需求。
  • 高灵活性:系统可以根据客户的需求实现在软视频和硬视频之间灵活切换。

Self Service Terminal Product

Self Service Terminal Product

By now, Cashway has all-series products including devices of ATM, CRS, KIOSK and software.  About ATM, now we have two types of ATM, including lobby ATM and through-the-wall ATM: CASH80ALD and CASH80AWD. Besides ATM, we have two types of CRS products which are CASH80ALF, CASH80ALU for lobby and CASH80AWU for through-the-wall. Moreover, we also provide Kiosk products, which used for pass-book updating and check paying. While in application scene, Kiosk could be used in lobby ,through-the-wall.


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