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G4S is one of the leading global providers of Cash Solutions. Our expertise enables us to meet a wide range of customer needs, including:

  • Cash and valuables transportation
  • Coin and cash management
  • Fully outsourced cash centre management
  • Automated teller machine (ATM) replenishment
  • Outsourced ATM management for financial institutions and retailers
  • IT systems to drive and support service delivery

Globally, consumers continue to choose cash over any other method of payment and the Group will transport more than £300 billion in cash and process cash worth more than £25 billion each year in the UK alone.

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Phone: +44 (0) 1293 554434
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Products & Services

Cash In Transit

Cash In Transit

G4S are the foremost experts in the secure movement of cash and high value items on behalf of financial and retail customers. Our innovative use of technology, stringent processes, combined with our emphasis on service quality ensures that our customers’ assets are both safe and secure. 

Cash Processing

Cash Processing

G4S provides cash processing services to major banks and retailers around the region. G4S’ cash processing services optimizes customers’ cash flow requirements through our management of note and coin supply and distribution. This increases the time value of cash and decreases customers’ direct cash handling risks and costs.

ATM Managed Services

ATM Managed Services

G4S uses comprehensive software programmes to monitor the performance of customers’ ATM network, plan optimal cash flows as well as replenishment visits. We are in the unique position to provide ATM managed services for multi-vendor machines. G4S’ ATM Managed Services include: 

  • replenishment;
  • 1st line maintenance (minor repairs such as removal of jammed notes, download of programs, transfer of receipt paper, collection of captured cards and journal rolls, replenishment of on-site marketing material, installation of ATM screen software etc.);
  • 2nd line maintenance (hardware supply and repair, parts replacement, etc.);
  • security alarm installation and monitoring;
  • supply of hardware and software development;
  • ATM deployment;
  • network and cash level monitoring; and
  • cash forecasting and replenishment scheduling. 

ATM Outsourcing

G4S provides ATM customers with industry-leading solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Through G4S’ ATM Outsourcing offering, we are able to extend our provision by providing a seamless solution from Managed Services to complete outsourcing, including:

  • financing;
  • asset management;
  • site selection;
  • electronic transaction settlements;
  • ongoing system upgrades for regulatory compliance requirements;
  • development of ATM software (couponing, customer relationship management, etc); and
  • transaction switching and driving. 

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