Professional Witnesses, Ltd

PWG is a hi-tech security provider specialising in the banking, financial and ATM sectors. We deliver highly innovative, multi-layered intelligent security solutions and services to a diverse range of clients.

Return on investment for our clients’ lies at the heart of our renowned success within the ATM sector. Protecting against loss and ensuring brand reputation are paramount in our approach.

Our 24/7 Emergency Command Centre co-ordinates security in all its forms; tracking, monitoring, responding and protecting.  Supported by our unique ability in intelligence gathering, we consistently ensure on-going collaborative and highly productive working relationships with police forces across the UK.   

Professional Witnesses, Ltd

Hindsford Court, Hindsford Technology Centre
Printshop Lane, Atherton, Manchester
M46 9BJ

Tel: 0845 6008933
Fax: 01942 889992


David Ryder MA FCMI        
Mob: 07435 763597

Alan Johnson

Jennifer Rigby
Managing Director

Andrew Cotterill
General Manager

Products & Services

Trojan Covert Operations

Trojan Covert Operations

Trojan™ is our special investigations arm that finds answers to difficult questions and comes up with facts, evidence and results. Time and again.

Using state of the art technology and highly trained, expert staff in the field, we provide an extensive range of covert services under the Trojan™ brand. These include criminal investigation, surveillance, corporate investigation, mystery shopper, business infiltration, close protection and manned guarding.

Our clients often face challenges in securing effective engagement with police forces, especially where criminality transcends force boundaries. Through our unrivalled industry leading relationships with UK police forces, we are able to deliver influential points of contact. This allows us to secure significantly higher levels of engagement and results for you than would otherwise be achievable.

Hawkeye 999 Overt Surveillance

Hawkeye 999 Overt Surveillance

If you need your property, people or assets monitoring and making safe, you need Hawkeye999™.

With our distinctive fleet of overt surveillance vehicles and highly trained staff, we are at the forefront of gathering intelligence in the field. We provide reassurance and protection whilst all the time recording valuable visible evidence with our advanced CCTV cameras, relaying real-time stats and data back to our 24/7 control centre.

Our clients regularly call upon us for securely opening and closing premises, cash point surveillance, cash in transit security, patrolling housing estates and being on-site for any essential business security or intelligence gathering.

As well as providing a strong, visible deterrent, Hawkeye999™ uses innovative technologies that enable us to monitor, recover and prosecute with unparalleled results against organised crime groups.



Our Intellus™ brand has an unrivalled reputation in intelligence analysis and its co-ordination, providing proven results for our clients.

We focus on prevention where possible, and detection where practical. Supported by highly effective intelligence gathering in close collaboration with both our customers and police forces alike, the product delivers an unrivalled maximum return on investment where your corporate security objectives demand zero tolerance.

Adhering to the principles of the UK National Intelligence Model we effectively communicate, influence and support police forces to help tackle your most difficult threats.

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