TELERED is a company that offers interconnection services to more than 30 financial entities in Panama that makes possible the operation of SISTEMA Clave, electronic funds transfer between Financial Institutions (ACH Directo and ACH Hub), and the outsourcing service offered to the banking system by  Centro de Procesamiento de Cheques y Documentos (CPD).

At Telered, we are focused in being a technological facilitator of electronic payments in Panama for the benefit of all of our customers. Telered always responds with innovation and effectiveness, with professional  team members that guarantee trust and security to satisfy our customers’ needs.

The service SISTEMA Clave consists of an interbank ATM’s and points of sale network managed by TELERED.  We offer the electronic transaction processing through debit cards by accessing the accounts the consumer customers have in the different financial institutions affiliated to the network.  Currently SISTEMA Clave has 25 Banks and 6 Credit Unions affiliated, with more than 800,000 debit Clave cardholders

Our network has more than 1040 ATMs installed throughout the Republic of Panama that carry out a wide range of transactions such as:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Balance inquiries
  • International connections with the PLUS and Cirrus network
  • Cash advances from Credit Cards
  • Payments. (Loans, credit cards)
  • Payments of utilities (water, electricity and phone)
  • Prepaid Calling Minutes & Automatic Recharge (cell phones)

The principal benefits of your SISTEMA Clave card are:



Contact Information

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Customer service:
Telephone: (507) 294-2200
Fax: (507) 263-7037

Products & Services


With your Clave card you are not exposed to thefts, since you are liberated from the need to carry cash. Your Clave card is protected by a PIN, which prevents other people from making transactions with your card.


The purchase with Clave card does not cost you more nor do they charge you interest for its use. With your Clave card you keep a better control of your expenses and save by paying the exact amount of your purchase and not handling cash. SISTEMA Clave does not charge per transaction at points of sale.


The Clave card is accepted at more than 10,000 merchants throughout the country and there are currently more than 15,000 points of sale installed at all the member merchants.


With the Clave card you can review your account statement to keep a better control of your expenses. It is faster and more convenient to pay directly with the Clave card, than to go make a cash withdrawal first. Just like with the automated teller machines, the points of sale also operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but their availability is subject to the schedule that each merchant affiliated to the service has.

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